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Wireless Coverage

The Best Network. Period.

According to an independent study, Cincinnati Bell has the best network in this area - where you are the most. You'll experience fewer dropped calls and better call clarity than with AT&T or Verizon.

Along with our outstanding local wireless network, Cincinnati Bell has teamed up with many national and regional network service providers to provide you with extensive national network access.

Network and Coverage Help

Customer Support
Find helpful information about our wireless network and coverage.

Trouble Reporting
We strive to provide the most reliable wireless network for our customers. Let us know if you are experiencing problems.

Local Service Areas

Local Area Partner

Local Area - Best

Local Area - Very Good

Local Area - Good

While in this area, you'll have access to the Cincinnati Bell GSM local voice network, GPRS Data services, and Mobile-to-Mobile service. Your phone should display "Cincinnati Bell." There are no roaming charges for calls made in the Local Service Area.

National Service Area

While in this area, you'll have access to the GSM voice network where indicated. Data coverage may vary. Your phone should display either "CinBell USA" or "Roam." There are no roaming charges in the National Service Area when your plan includes nationwide free roaming.

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