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Enterprise Messaging

Messaging solutions for Employee, Client, and Partner Communications

Our Enterprise Messaging service is a group notification and messaging solution that integrates smoothly with your businessís notification applications to offer an enhanced wireless notification and response experience. This solution puts a web-based monitoring tool in the hands of your administrators, so they can track message delivery status, view message history and generate usage reports.

Why Enterprise Messaging?

  • Real-time message delivery to any device, including text, MMS, landline phones, cell phones, fax, and Email, while leveraging investments in database, call center, and enterprise applications.
  • Notify large groups with ease.
  • Sent Messages Status and response tracking.
  • Automate business processes, improve the efficiency of reaching employees, customers, and partners.
  • Utilize a variety of paging protocols including SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, and TAP.
  • Manual and automated messaging tools to address a variety of uses:
    • Web portal for group notification, message management, and reports.
    • PC and Outlook integration with access to enterprise address book.
  • SSL Encryption for security.

How It Works

Cincinnati Bell's Enterprise Messaging service can used in three ways:

  • Integrate with multiple notification applications using SNPP, WCTP, SMTP, HTTP, WCTP.
  • The Messaging Center web portal allows building group lists and contact directories.
  • Outlook and Exchange integration for the use of your existing contacts and distribution lists.

Adding Enterprise Messaging to Your Business Account

To add Cincinnati Bell Enterprise Messaging to your business account contact your Account Representative, contact Customer Care at 513-566-5050, or simply dial 611 from your wireless device (within the Cincinnati Bell service area) and ask the representative to add the Enterprise Messaging service to your plan. (Subject to eligibility.)

After adding the service you can start sending messages by using any of these tools:

Pricing Plans

The Enterprise Messaging feature will be added to your business account, this will allow your company to take advantage of the Messaging Center, Outlook plug-in, or your application notifications.

See pricing on all of our Text Messaging and Media Plans.

Messages per Month Price
2,500 Messages $49.99*
5,500 Messages $99.99*
20,000 Messages $199.99*

To learn more about Enterprise Messaging contact your Business Sales Representative or Call 513-566-5050 for more information.