Cincinnati Bell has reached an agreement to sell our wireless spectrum to Verizon Wireless. This means Cincinnati Bell expects to continue to offer wireless service until February 28, 2015. If you would like to switch your service now, we are available in our Cincinnati Bell retail locations to help you transition to another provider by providing unlock codes (if available) and waiving any applicable termination fees. Click here to find a location near you.

Wondering what this means to you as a Cincinnati Bell Wireless customer?

You can continue to enjoy the same great service from Cincinnati Bell Wireless until 2/28/15; however, we would be happy to assist you with the transition of your wireless service to another carrier of your choice.

Please review our FAQs for more information.

A Message from Ted Torbeck, President & CEO Cincinnati Bell Inc.

"After much deliberation, we have determined that our customers are best served by other wireless offerings in the market. Also, this change will allow Cincinnati Bell to focus on our industry-leading Fioptics video and high-speed internet services.

I want to say a heart-felt thank you for being a Cincinnati Bell Wireless customer and for your continued support of Cincinnati Bell. We look forward to serving your communication and entertainment needs in the future."

What exactly was announced on April 7, 2014?

Cincinnati Bell has sold our wireless spectrum to Verizon Wireless. We expect to operate our wireless network until 2/28/15. As of 8/1/14, we will waive all applicable termination fees, provide handset unlock codes in our Cincinnati Bell retail locations and assist you with the transition of your wireless service to Verizon Wireless or other carrier of your choice.

What does this announcement mean to me as a Cincinnati Bell Wireless customer?

Cincinnati Bell will operate its wireless network until 2/28/15. We will assist you with transition of your wireless service to another carrier of your choice. Of course, we will waive any applicable contract termination fees.

Please note that your device has limited use on Cincinnati Bell’s network. When Cincinnati Bell Wireless exits the wireless business at a future date and no longer operates a wireless network to support your device, Cincinnati Bell Wireless will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with unlock codes to allow your device to work on another carrier’s network. However, Cincinnati Bell Wireless makes no warranties that the device will work on other networks and assumes no other liabilities with respect to your device.

Does this mean I will become a Verizon Wireless customer?

No, you will not automatically become a Verizon Wireless customer. Please visit a Cincinnati Bell retail location and we will assist you with transition of your wireless service to another carrier of your choice.

I am under contract. What about my early termination fee?

As of 8/1/14, termination fees will be waived for all Cincinnati Bell Wireless customers.

Can I terminate my Wireless Equipment Program (WEP) plan?

Yes, if you are participating in a WEP plan, you can terminate it at any time without penalty or continuing obligation. Nevertheless, you may maintain your WEP coverage for so long as you continue to use Cincinnati Bell Wireless. If you have questions about whether to continue your WEP plan, you can review the terms and conditions of those plans by visiting http://www.esecuritel.com/cincinnatibell to decide whether your plan makes sense for you. WEP plans are the responsibility of and offered solely by eSecuritel. Cincinnati Bell Wireless makes no representations or warranties regarding such plans.

Can I keep my wireless number?

Yes, you can port your number to another carrier.

What can I do with my Cincinnati Bell Wireless phone?

Cincinnati Bell will assist you to determine the value of your device for trade-in. If you would like to check the current value of your phone please visit http://www.cellularrecycler.com/cbwtrade-in

What do these changes mean to my handset insurance & warranty programs for both devices & accessories?

Device insurance coverage under the Wireless Equipment Program (“WEP”) will continue unchanged through March 1, 2015. For policy information, please visit: http://www.esecuritel.com/cincinnatibell

Effective August 1, 2014, customers who are enrolled under the WEP will no longer be able to file and fulfill a warranty claim through our partnership with eSecuritel. To make a warranty claim, please call the device manufacturer. For complete contact list of manufacturers, please call us at 1.888.391.3925 or visit a local Cincinnati Bell Store.

Accessory warranties and policies will remain unchanged. Please refer to our Return & Exchange Policy for more details.

Can I still use my Cell-Fi unit?

You will still be able to use your Cell-Fi unit until you switch your service to another provider. Once you switch your service to another provider, please return your Cell-Fi unit at any Cincinnati Bell retail store. Cell-Fi units only work on the Cincinnati Bell Wireless network.

Can I continue to visit a Cincinnati Bell store for service?

Yes! Cincinnati Bell will continue to operate its stores at this time to assist you with your communication and entertainment needs.

Will there be any interruption in my wireless service?

No. It is important to understand that nothing changes immediately. There will be no changes or interruptions in your wireless services until 2/28/15.

Are there any changes to my bill statement or how I make my payments?

There are no changes to your bill statement or your bill due date at this time. Please continue to make payments to Cincinnati Bell as you do today.

I have i-wireless. Will I be refunded for the balance that I have on my account?

No. If you do not use your balance prior to Cincinnati Bell discontinuing wireless service, no later than 2/28/15, you will lose any remaining balance on your account.