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Email Configuration Wizard

We recommend that our customers use WebMail, Cincinnati Bell's web-based email solution. However, if you are interested in using a dedicated email program, three of the most widely used are Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and Mac OS X Mail. This wizard will help you setup your email settings online. It's quick, easy and hassle-free.


First, select the version of Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or Mac OS X Mail you are currently using.  Click here if you're not sure.

Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook

The Email Configuration Wizard can only configure the email applications to the left. For additional help setting up your email application, please watch our email setup tutorial.

Mac OS X Mail

Display Name

This is the name that will display to others when you send them email. (e.g.; John Doe)

Leave Mail On Server?

If you choose to leave email on the server, then you will have to delete it manually when you approach your allotted 50MB of space. We recommend not checking this option.


Please enter your email information below:

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