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Welcome to Cincinnati Bell Energy — a new option for your energy supply that will save you money on your bills and allow you to do something better for the environment. Enrollment is simple and fast and you keep the same reliable service from the utility. You can now choose CBE for both your electricity and natural gas supply. Sign up now and save 10% each month compared to the Duke Energy "price to compare" on the supply portion of your energy bill when you lock in a 12-month fixed rate.* Read more below about our electricity service. You can also learn about natural gas service.

So how does it work?

It's simple, and easy. Cincinnati Bell now offers our customers another way to take charge of their lives. With Cincinnati Bell Energy you can take control of your energy bills and do something better for the environment.

We offer customers an opportunity to stay with Duke Energy for safe and reliable delivery of your energy while choosing a smarter option for your natural gas and electricity supply. You can choose Cincinnati Bell Energy for either one, or both. Either way, you still only receive one bill from the utility and pay one bill to the utility, just like you always have.

Want to know more?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, read about how deregulated energy works in your market, or learn how Cincinnati Bell Energy is supporting cleaner air.

*The 10% savings plan is for Cincinnati Bell Energy's ("CBE") variable rate plan offered in the Duke Energy Ohio service area. The 10% savings plan applies to your first 12 months of service with CBE. CBE guarantees you will save at least 10% each month on your electricity and/or natural gas supply costs compared to the Duke Energy "Price to Compare" Rate. There are no further guarantees after the first 12 months. You can terminate at any time without a termination fee. CBE's rate for both electricity and natural gas apply to the supply portion of your bill only. You will continue to incur service and delivery charges from Duke Energy. Carbon savings and equivalencies are based on EPA estimates for Ohio. CBE is licensed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to offer and supply competitive electric retail service (Certificate # 13-630E(1)) & natural gas retail service (Certificate # 11-218G(1)). CINCINNATI BELL ENERGY USES THE CINCINNATI BELL ENERGY NAME UNDER A LICENSE AGREEMENT WITH CINCINNATI BELL INC. Complete Terms and Conditions

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Why Switch?

It's Easy to Go Green with Cincinnati Bell Energy.

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Reliable Service: Duke Energy will continue to deliver electricity to your home, read your meter and provide you with support and maintenance.

One Simple Bill: Duke Energy will still send you one simple bill, now with Cincinnati Bell Energy listed as your supplier of choice. The only difference you will see is your savings.

Going Green: Simply by switching to Cincinnati Bell Energy's low-cost 100% Green electricity, you can make a positive impact on the environment.

An Easy Switch: It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll. Simply grab your latest utility bill and Switch to Cincinnati Bell Energy today!

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