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These enhanced services optimize your digital experience with security, storage and 24/7 access to technical support.

Secure your family's memories and important files.

Did you know 46% of people lose irreplaceable files every year however only 10% backup their files?* Don't be that person! Protect your family memories and important files on your computer, tablet and smartphones automatically with Cincinnati Bell's Backup & Storage.

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Safe Storage

  • Automated, secure and private backup.
  • Backup almost any device (PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone).
  • Backup an unlimited number of devices. No fees for additional devices!

Online Backup product is intended for consumer use (such as backing up photos, videos, and personal documents) and not for safeguarding highly sensitive information (for example, your health records, or financial or credit card information).

Automatic Upload

All your files are protected automatically, so you don't have to worry about losing them. Easy to use: Install the app on your devices. Begin uploading to the cloud. App automatcially backs up all files that change or any new files.

Access your files anywhere

  • All your content is stored and organized in one convenient place.
  • Photos are presented as thumbnails to help you quickly identify and download your photos.
  • File system search helps you locate specific files or folders in a snap.
  • View or share photos, videos and other important files directly from your personal cloud.


Protect your family memories and important files starting at $4.99/mo. Enjoy Cincinnati Bell's unsurpassed sharing capabilities and social media integration. Our Backup & Storage is the only product that allows users to easily share photo albums and publish to Facebook and Twitter directly from your personal cloud.

Cincinnati Bell
50 GB
50 GB
Automatic backups
Unlimited devices

($2/mo. per device)

($5/mo. per device)
Available anywhere
(with internet connection)
24/7 phone support
Windows desktop
Mac desktop
View files from the cloud
Social media sharing from the cloud
Price $4.99/mo. $5.99/mo. $5.00/mo.

Need more space?

We have you covered with 100 GB and 250 GB plans. Order Now

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