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Turn your phone into a feature-packed device

Your wireless phone is capable of so many things. With calling features, applications and alerts, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Pick the type of feature you're interested in below.

Included Calling Services

Each of our Wireless customers enjoy great calling features, at no extra charge.

Call Block

Don't want your wireless phone number revealed to the person you're calling? Just use Call Block before you dial. Call Block allows you to prevent your phone number from appearing on the receiving party's Caller ID display.

Features: Call Block allows you to prevent your phone number from appearing on the receiving party's Caller ID display.

Benefits: Allows you to remain anonymous when placing a call.

How to Use:Call Block is activated on a per-call basis.

  • Dial *67 followed by the number you are calling, then press SEND/TALK.
  • Once you end the call, Call Block is no longer active.
  • You will need to dial *67 prior to each call for which you want to have your number blocked.

Call Forward

Call Forwarding allows you to receive incoming calls to your wireless phone, even when you don't have the phone on your side. Simply activate the service and enter the phone number where you can be reached. All of your calls will be routed to that number.

Features: Gives you the flexibility to forward calls to an alternate number when speaking on your wireless phone isn't possible.

Benefits:Allows you to forward incoming calls to a designated number. There are two types of Call Forwarding: Regular Call Forwarding and Conditional Call Forwarding.

  • Regular Call Forwarding immediately forwards incoming calls to a designated number.
  • Conditional Call Forwarding will allow your phone to ring 3-4 times before forwarding to a designated number.

How to Use:Each wireless phone has different settings & options. Please follow these instructions to get information on your specific model.

  • Visit our Handset Helpdesk
  • Choose your wireless phone model number
  • Choose from instructions, tutorials and much more!

*A 7¢ per minute usage fee will apply. Call Forwarding is added to your account at the time of activation.


Caller ID

Caller ID displays the caller's number before you take the call. If a number matches that of someone in your phone's address book, you will see their name as well. Caller ID also works with Call Waiting so you can screen and prioritize your calls. Numbers for calls you missed are stored in your phone, so you can return a call without redialing the number. The memory capacity may vary depending on the phone model.

Features: Provides the phone number of the caller.

Benefits: Allows you to see who is calling prior to answering the call.

How to Use: Most phones allow you to switch between callers by pressing the "Talk" button. Others, such as touchphones, may provide an on-screen button for switching callers. Since each wireless phone has different settings & options, please follow these instructions to get information on your specific model.

  • Visit our Handset Helpdesk
  • Choose your wireless phone model number
  • Choose from instructions, tutorials and much more!


Call Waiting

Call Waiting service signals that another party is calling. A tone indicates that there is an incoming call. Call Waiting allows you to put one caller on hold while you talk to the other, and you can switch between the two calls.

Features: Alerts you to an incoming call when you're on the phone. Unanswered calls will go into your CBW voicemail.

Benefits: Reduces missed calls. You're able to see the number of the incoming call and decide if you want to answer or allow the call to go to Voicemail.

How to Use: Most phones allow you to switch between callers by pressing the "Talk" button. Others, such as touchphones, may provide an on-screen button for switching callers. Since each wireless phone has different settings & options, please follow these instructions to get information on your specific model.

  • Visit our Handset Helpdesk
  • Choose your wireless phone model number
  • Choose from instructions, tutorials and much more!


Three-way Calling

Talk with two people at the same time on one phone line with Three-Way Calling.

Features: Allows you to add a third party to a call.

Benefits: Can be used on either local or long distance calls.

How to Use:

  • While you are on a call, dial the phone number of the third party you want to conference in, then press SEND.
  • When the third party answers, press SEND to connect all three individuals.
  • Press SEND to disconnect the third party.
  • Press END to terminate the call.



When you can't or choose not to answer the phone, CBW Voicemail takes the calls for you. Voicemail plays your personalized greeting and records the caller's voice message 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no additional charge.

Features: Voicemail takes your messages when:

  • Allows you to control your costs!
  • You are away from your phone
  • You're talking on your phone
  • You're outside of the coverage area


  • Your phone is turned off
  • All calls answered by CBW Voicemail are free! The only time you are charged airtime is when you access and use your Voicemail from your CBW phone.
  • Retrieving Voicemail messages from any wired, touchtone phone is free!

How to Use: The Wireless Support Center contains complete details on how to set up and retrieve your Voice Mail.

There's no need to dial in to pick up your messages, you just read them on screen. Learn more about Voice2Text.

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Stay Connected

With feaures like Voice2Text, SMS Messaging, Mobile Email and more, you'll have all of the tools you need to stay connected.

Text Messaging

Talking is just the tip of the iceberg. Use your wireless to share photos, play games, check movie times and email while you're on the go. We've got the plans for multi-taskers like you. Just choose the plan that fits your style and you'll wonder how you lived without these great features!

Features & Benefits: Send and receive text, picture and video messages with friends and famliy without using mintues.

Does my phone support this?: Most of our phones support text & multimedia messaging. Check the Handset Helpdesk to see the capabilities of your phone. Visit the Handset Helpdesk

How do I get a Text & Media Plan?: Check out our Text & Media Plans or select the service when ordering a new Cincinnati Bell Wireless phone or rate plan. Visit the Wireless Web Portal

$ 4 99 (and up)


Enhance your wireless experience with our voicemail-to-text capabilities. Your incoming messages will be converted automatically into text and delivered to you via email or SMS. Our transcriptions are 100% automated, ensuring fast and reliable delivery of transcriptions while keeping them private and secure.

Features & Benefits:

  • Allows urgent messages to be received within seconds. In fact, a 30 second voicemail will be converted and returned as a text or email within 30 seconds!
  • You can easily read voicemails when you are unable to listen to the audio.
  • Enhances message management - voicemails can be easily stored, indexed or forwarded.
  • Increases productivity by reducing response time to otherwise trapped voicemails.

Manage your profile with the following options:

  • Email- List up to 2 email addresses to have your transcriptions delivered.
  • SMS- Turn on/off the SMS option if you receive email delivery.
  • Profanity Filter- This defaulted, "off" feature can be turned on to allow profanity to be transcribed and included in the response.

Replying to messages: Replying to messages by voice or text is as easy as one click. You can view all of your messages in one convenient inbox and have a visual record of who called and what they said. No more scrambling for pen and paper to write down phone numbers!

Voice2Text Rates

Plan What's Included Pricing
Voice2Text Unlimited Unlmited Conversions
$ 5 99

How do I get Voice2Text?

New Wireless Customers

Select Voice2Text service when ordering a new Cincinnati Bell Wireless phone or rate plan.

Existing Wireless Customers

Existing customers can log into My Account to add and manage Voice2Text. Log into your Account

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Mobile Email

You don't have to be on your laptop or BlackBerry to get email on the go. Just open your CBW Internet browser and select Email from your menu screen. Choose from your Cincinnati Bell FUSE/ZoomTown email or Internet Service Provider email such as MSN/Hotmail, Google Gmail, Yahoo and AOL mail. Sign in with your username and password just as you would from your computer and see your personal email inbox on your wireless phone!*


Add 5 phone numbers of friends and family and talk as much as you want!

Connect 5 Details:

  • Only $5 per month per line on select rate plans
  • Unlimited nationwide calls to/from ANY 5 U.S. Domestic landline or wireless phone numbers you choose!
  • Talk all you want to friends & family across the country no matter where they live or what wireless carrier they use.
  • Each member of the family may have their own Connect 5 numbers for the people they talk to the most.

How do I sign up?:

Start shopping for phones and add Connect5 during the order process. If you're already a wireless customer, visit My Account to manage your account.

Managing your Connect5:

  • Log into visit My Account.
  • Select your wireless account.
  • Choose Manage My Services >> Wireless
  • Select the account you wish to edit.
  • Click on Connect5 link or icon and add your 5 favorite numbers.

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$ 5 00
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Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling

Call Any Cincinnati Bell Number Nationwide, Use Zero Minutes

Why should your wireless phone be different from your home phone? With our Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling, calls to or from another Cincinnati Bell phone - whether wireless, home or business - don't count against your monthly minutes.

Any carrier can give you mobile-to-mobile calling. Cincinnati Bell isn't just any other carrier - we've done what they can't! Add Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling to the CinBell USA Nationwide plans and get more calls included to the people and places you call most. We're not talking just mobile. You can call any Cincinnati Bell phone number - any time, any day. And don't even think about your minutes..

How it works: Domestic calls TO or FROM any Cincinnati Bell number - home, business or wireless - are INCLUDED! That's over 2 million numbers that don't count against your plan's minutes. And it gets better - you can travel anywhere within the continental U.S. and take advantage of Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling.

How do I order it? Get started by selecting a rate plan and select Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling on the features step.

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$ 10 00

Fusion WiFi

Introducing Fusion WiFi

Fusion WiFi is a new kind of technology that uses both wireless and WiFi signals to give you outstanding reception, call clarity and faster downloads FREE- with any voice monthly plan and Fusion WiFi enabled phone. Experience the power of Fusion WiFi at home or work and more than 300 Cincinnati Bell ZoomTown WiFi HotSpots.

How does it work?

Your Fusion WiFi phone works just like any other mobile phone, except in the presence of WiFi. At that point, your phone has the built-in technology to switch from a mobile network to a WiFi network. Since your call connects through your WiFi signal, your ZoomTown wireless router creates a personal network, right where you live. It's like having a cell phone tower in your back yard, giving you the coverage you've always wanted.

When you are out of range of the ZoomTown wireless network, your Fusion WiFi phone will switch to our Cincinnati Bell wireless network automatically! You stay connected without interruptions.

How will I know what network I'm on?: You'll know you're on a WiFi network or the Cincinnati Bell wireless network at all times by looking your phones display. A WiFi indicator will display when you're connected to a WiFi network.

How do I get Fusion WiFi?: Choose a phone that is Fusion WiFi capable. Add the Fusion WiFi feature. Finally, get connected by adding your Fusion WiFi phone to your ZoomTown High-Speed wireless network.

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Apps and App Stores

Download apps to your wireless phone and play games, connect to Facebook & Twitter or even use them to become more organized.

App Stores

Whether you're looking to have fun with games, connect with friends, find the best place to eat, or just want to hear a good joke, you can find the perfect app in one of these app stores. You can choose from thousands of apps and turn your phone into a toolbox that has everything you need!

Apple iOS App Store

The App Store has the best selection of mobile apps - from Apple and third-party developers. And they're all designed specifically for iPhone. The more apps you download, the more you'll realize your iPhone can do just about anything you can imagine.

GetJar Logo

With over 10 million users, GetJar is the world's largest free app store with over 2 billion downloads to date.

Blackberry App World

Discover new apps to buy or download for free. Choose from games, productivity, shopping apps and more from the official store.

Google Play logo

A digital entertainment hub, where you can purchase a whole range of different media products like apps, books, digital music and movies.

Windows Phone Logo

Trick out your phone with apps, games, music, and podcasts from the Windows Phone Store.

This is a free service that gives you access to the world's largest network of WiFi hotspots, including Cincinnati Bell's CB WiFi network. CB WiFi automatically connects your phone to WiFi and helps you save on mobile data usage. Once set-up, CB WiFi operates in the background to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. CB WiFi makes connecting to WiFi network convenient and easy. Learn More

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Manage Your Phone

Control the usage of any other phone on your account. Set limits so you're not surprised when you receive your monthly bill.

Mobile Manager

Do you worry about your kids having a cell phone? If you're afraid of how the phone will be used or that you won't be able to control the spending, you're not alone. Luckily, we're here to help.

Cincinnati Bell Mobile Manager solves these issues inexpensively so you don't have to worry about your text-crazy son or your boy-crazy daughter running up the bill. This new feature gives kids the "cool" looking phone they want and it gives parents the ability to control the usage of your child's phone or any other phone on your account.

Stay within Limits:

  • Set voice minutes, text messages and data usage allowed within the billing month.
  • Assign time periods (i.e. homework hours) when calls or text messages may not be sent or received and when data may not be used.
  • Turn access to Premium SMS (Text) Services on or off.

Stay Secure:

  • Designate phone numbers that may never be contacted, or that may never contact your child.
  • Designate phone numbers that can always be contacted, even when other restrictions are applied.
  • Designate phone numbers that are the only numbers your child is allowed to contact.

Stay Connected: Receive notification emails or text messages when limits are reached or calls are blocked.

Mobile Manager Rates

Plan What's Included Pricing
Mobile Manager
Single User
Manage 1
wireless user
$ 5 00
Mobile Manager
Family Plan
Manage up to
5 wireless users
$ 10 00

How do I sign up?: You can sign up visiting any Cincinnati Bell store, calling Customer Care 1-888-391-3925 or on-line by logging on to My Acccount then go to Manage My Services> Wireless> Mobile Manager. Mobile Manager is just $5/mth for one mobile for the peace of mind that your child is safe and for managing your bills. NEW! Now you can add Mobile Manager for your whole family for just $10 (up to 5 lines)!

Managing your Mobile Manager: To use Mobile Manager you must have an online account with Cincinnati Bell (My Account). Don't have a My Account? Click here to sign up.

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Wireless Equipment Program

Life happens, and it happens to your wireless phone. The Wireless Equipment Program covers your wireless device with rapid replacement for After-Warranty Malfunction, Loss, Theft and Accidental Physical Damage. You can apply for claims from your own living room and even track their status online. For more details including terms and conditions visit

Wireless Equipment Program Details

Plan No Equipment Service Plan Wireless Equipment Program**
Monthly fee N/A
$ 4 99

Under $250 retail price

$ 5 99

$250 - $600 retail price

$ 9 99

Over $600 retail price
Extended Warranty Repairs N/A Malfunction after the manufacturer's warranty expires is covered by Insurance.
Devices eligible for Insurance Coverage N/A Loss, stolen, accidentally damaged, and malfunction after the warranty expires.
Insurance coverage N/A - Replacements under 1 year pay full price, over 1 year pay sale price. 40% off tiered retail value. To view deductible for your handset visit Limit 2 every 12 months
Can I file a claim or check claim status online? N/A Yes
Overnight shipping $15 N/A

Terms and Conditions

$ 4 99 (and up)
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