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CB WiFi Benefits

This is a free service that gives you access to the world's largest network of WiFi hotspots, including Cincinnati Bell's CB WiFi network. CB WiFi automatically connects your phone to WiFi and helps you save on mobile data usage. Once set-up, CB WiFi operates in the background to automatically connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. CB WiFi makes connecting to WiFi network convenient and easy.

How CB WiFi Works

Simply download CB WiFi to a qualified Android phone, turn on WiFi on your phone and CB WiFi will connect your phone to all of the thousands of WiFi hotspots included in the network.

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Using CB WiFi

CB WiFi will display this green icon when you are connected to a WiFi hotspot. This is when you're saving money by helping you save on mobile data usage.

CB WiFi will display this grey icon when you are not connected to a WiFi hotspot.


How do I setup my home network?

Access CB WiFi, select settings, and select "Setup Home Network." From there you should see a list of hotspots, select the hotspot for your home network.

What is a premium hotspot account?

Premium hotspot accounts allow you to extend CB WiFi with additional paid for Wi-Fi accounts. Premium hotspot accounts typically require a username and password to access WiFi. For example Boingo and Delta's GoGo are premium hotspot accounts. You can add your username and password to CB WiFi and be connected to your premium account automatically. To do this, select this option and then click on "Add new account". You can search from hundreds of WiFi providers and add them to your phone. CB WiFi will then automatically connect at these locations.

Is my phone a CB WiFi Qualified Device?

All Cincinnati Bell Android smartphones with Android OS v2.2 or above are compatible.

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