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Regulatory & Government Affairs

The Regulatory Affairs and Government Affairs functions comprise Cincinnati Bell's Government Relations Department. While Government Affairs focuses on the impact of local, state, and federal legislation, Regulatory Affairs concentrates upon Cincinnati Bell's regulatory initiatives and obligations. Regulatory Affairs personnel are responsible for tariffs, docket management activities, compliance functions, and interfacing with State and Federal regulatory commissions and related organizations, such as industry associations.

Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC provides traditional, ILEC, local telecommunications products and services in the Cincinnati, Ohio metropolitan area, including portions of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana and covering more than 2,400 square miles. Cincinnati Bell Extended Territories LLC provides CLEC services in parts of Ohio (see map section for additional information on service areas). Cincinnati Bell Any Distance Inc. provides long distance services in 48 states and is certified to provide CLEC services in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

Through this web page customers and other interested parties can access and review Cincinnati Bell's tariffs, service agreements, maps of service areas and contact information for Cincinnati Bell's regulatory representatives.

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