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Structured Cabling Systems

Cincinnati Bell's Business Wiring Group offers you a solid history of experience, efficiency, and extraordinary turnkey construction management services. From designing short haul fiber systems to providing a backbone fiber network, Cincinnati Bell is your one-stop shop for any communications project.


  • A customized plan: We provide a customized structured cabling plan with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.
  • Certified professionals: Work directly with Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) that have been certified by the Building Industry Consulting Service International, Inc. (BICSD) to prepare your company for new technology and growth.
  • A trusted and respected company: Our expertise in designing reliable networks for voice, video, data and security applications have earned us trust and respect throughout the telecommunications industry.
  • Services available to an expanded area: We provide the same quality cable products in an expanded area including Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington.


Cincinnati Bell has been a leader in providing quality wire installation for the following systems:

  • Voice/Data
  • LAN
  • Audio/Video
  • Security

Firm bids and time & material proposals available.


Campus Wiring
Supports communications between buildings in an office park or a campus without creating right of way problems. With fiber-optic or twisted-pair cables, applications such as Ethernet, ATM and token ring environments are supported.

Backbone (Riser) Cable
The central feeder group of cables, copper or fiber, in a building supporting all communications equipment.

The unit that permits communication circuits to be routed and terminal equipment relocated without extensive wiring.

Horizontal Wiring
Cable, copper, fiber optic, or wireless wiring solutions running from a backbone or satellite closet on each floor to an information outlet (such as a wall jack) in a user room.

Equipment Wiring
Cable and connectors linking voice or data switches, host computers and other shared equipment or cross connection in the equipment room.

Contact your Cincinnati Bell Account Manager or call our expert staff of Registered Communication Distribution Designers at 513-397-5656.