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Data Network Services

Cincinnati Bell offers many dependable data lines and services for your business.

Ethernet Services

CB Ethernet Services is a family of data transport services that connects local area networks (LANs) between two or more sites.

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Multi-Site VPN

Connect your remote locations privately and securely with your headquarters. Multi-Site VPN integrates seamlessly with high bandwidth solutions, such as CB Ethernet Services, for a customizable and cost effective data solution

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Custom Network Design

Cincinnati Bell provides local engineers along with our Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) to design, engineer, configure, and deploy custom network solutions for your specific business needs.


IP-based WAN technology meets the challenges of modern enterprise settings by allowing the convergence of voice, video, and data applications across a wide area platform for multi-site operations. Cincinnati Bell's world-class MPLS solution provides strong nationwide coverage and supports your network performance by optimizing traffic handling according to your unique business needs.

Cincinnati Bell is committed to assessing your company's unique needs and providing the right solutions for your business. Contact your Account Manager for more information on custom network design.

Contact your Cincinnati Bell Account Manager to get a quote or to place an order.