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Ethernet Services

Ethernet Services from Cincinnati Bell enable a company to connect LANs within one site or over multiple, geographically diverse sites to share files, transmit data, send email and more over the highly secure network.


With speeds ranging from T1 to multi-Gigabit, Ethernet Services provide the performance necessary to support high-bandwidth solutions. Utilizing a physical Ethernet interface, Cincinnati Bell's Ethernet Services are an ideal solution for mission-critical applications such as hosting, data retrieval and e-commerce. Since our service provides Ethernet hand-offs, it provides users with geographically disbursed LANs connected over the same LAN segment, and eliminates LAN-to-LAN data transmission slowdowns.

A Total Solution

Cincinnati Bell's skilled technicians, engineers and service reps can provide a full range of consultative and contracted services from working with your staff to providing network planning assistance, line installation, and edge device installation on your network. Regardless of your network protocol or your network platform, Cincinnati Bell can provide a total solution based on the technologies and vendors that will work best for your company.

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