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Managed Firewall

Wish you could protect your network 24x7x365? Every business network needs a firewall.

Just as doors and locks protect businesses in their office space, a network firewall can protect your business network in cyberspace. Cincinnati Bell's Managed Firewall is hardware that filters all network traffic between your LAN (Local Area Network) and the Internet or a Wide Area Network (WAN), helping to protect your vital data.

Is My Company Vulnerable?

There are a number of reasons why company networks are so vulnerable:

  • Outdated or hardware and software configured incorrectly
  • Lack of single point of accountability
  • Lack of personnel or time to manage a firewall


A multi-tiered system, Managed Firewall provides comprehensive firewall protection of your business network, including:

  • Best-in-class equipment and software
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by certified professionals
  • 24x7x365 denial of service detection and prevention
  • A single point of accountability for design, installation and operations
  • Real-time alerts in case of intrusion or attack
  • Yearly system updates at no charge

Three Levels of Protection

Cincinnati Bell's Managed Firewall service offers three levels of protection:

The Managed Firewall: Your First Level of Protection
The basic level protects you from flood attacks, which simply overwhelm a network. It also protects you from a barrage of Internet attacks and even from users on your internal network.

Second Level: Web and E-mail Protection
The next level of protection is for two of your network's most vulnerable entry points: e-mail and the Web. Cincinnati Bell supports URL filtering and Java filtering. We will ensure that your Web and e-mail services are correctly configured to work with your Managed Firewall.

Third Level: Application Protection
Our top level of protection allows your authorized network users to access Web-based applications. Since each application requires a customized configuration, you should discuss with your Account Manager how many levels of protection you need.

Protect Yourself 24x7x365

Your network will be monitored by VeriSign®, the most trusted name in Internet security.* Cincinnati Bell will notify you in real time if your network is experiencing any breach of security. The case will be assigned to a specialist in under 15 minutes. We will page, e-mail or call you about any possible breakthroughs into your network.

Contact your Cincinnati Bell Account Manager or call 513-566-5050 for more information or to order.

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