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Private Line Services

Private Line Services employ the latest digital technology to provide high-quality transmission services for voice, data and video.

Digital Data - MercLINKSM 2.4-64.0 DDS

A dedicated point-to-point or multipoint private line transmission service that will provide you with the high performance communications network that you're looking for!

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High Capacity - MercNETSM 1.5 DS1

A dedicated private line digital transport service that meets your needs for reliable, secure and cost-effective transport of bulk communications between two locations.

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High Capacity - MercNETSM 45 DS3

A high-capacity channel can be used for voice, data, video and switched services, eliminating the need to maintain multiple dedicated lines for different applications.

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MetroPLEXSM Network

Looking for a way to protect your business from service outages? Cincinnati Bell has answers!

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