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Why Cincinnati Bell WiFi For Your Customers?

Free basic internet and email access for all of your customers.

Optional upgraded premium access for your customers who need it.

Fusion WiFi wireless integration. Cincinnati Bell customers who use Fusion WiFi service can make free calls over your WiFi network, receive outstanding reception and experience faster wireless data speeds.

Connectivity to what matters most; friends, family and coworkers

Internet Access
Unlimited Downloads
Client email (Outlook, Lotus Notes & Group Wise)  
Cincinnati Bell ZoomTown User FREE FREE
Guest Users FREE Pay-per-use

FREE basic internet access and email for everyone!

Logging In:

  • Scan for available WiFi networks
  • Choose "cbfreefi" and click connect
  • Once connected, Open your internet browser
  • Click on "get started"

If you need to upgrade to client email, IM and VPN, premium internet access is availble. Cincinanti Bell ZoomTown customers can take advantage of free premium access and anyone can register as a guest user.

Logging In:

  • Scan for availble WiFi networks
  • Choose "cbwifi"
  • Once connected, open your internet browser
  • Cincinanti Bell ZoomTown customers must enter their email address and password to begin surfing.
  • All guest users must sign up for WiFi service by clicking on the orange "sign-up for WiFi service" link, then choose a WiFi service selection