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Our Network Speaks for Itself

The quality of your communication experience relies on your carrier's voice network. When it's time to make a decision about your company's local calling services, it's critical to investigate carrier diversity and redundancy. Choosing Cincinnati Bell ensures you will receive the highest quality voice transmission every minute of every day.

Trunk Advantage

Increase the speed and clarity of calls with a single digital connection that includes 24 usable channels and has a total capacity of 1.544 Mbps.

Prime Advantage

Get 23 information channels (voice, video, and data) on a single pipe that also provides access to network services from other carriers.

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Next-Generation Technology Designed to Grow with Your Business

Run your business from anywhere, anytime with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Cincinnati Bellís VoIP solutions, Emerge and Evantage, provide all your voice and data over one high-speed connection and are designed to scale with every type of business.

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Long Distance Services

A wide variety of long distance plans with affordable rates allows you to configure the calling plan that's best for the way you do business. View all Long Distance services

Dedicated Long Distance
Lower long distance costs for high volume users.
International Rates
Affordable international rate plans that fit your business needs.
Toll-Free Numbers
Make it easy for customers and vendors to contact you.

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Cincinnati Bell: Unmatched Reliability

  • 130+ years of telephony experience
  • 99.9997 percent availability of voice switching and calling services
  • 640+ SONET self-healing fiber optic rings with 1,900+ nodes
  • 50+ local Central Offices connected with fiber
  • 87 voice switch locations
  • Local SS7 Signaling with dual signaling switches
  • 24x7 local monitoring and technical support
  • 90+ local NOC specialists
  • 500+ local install/repair technicians
  • 3,000-person local employee base

Expanded Local Calling

We've recently expanded the boundaries of our local calling area. This allows you to use less long distance and make more business calls.