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Calling Services: Caller ID

See who is calling at a glance.


Provides the identity of the person or business calling as well as the date and time of the call. (A display unit keeps a log of recent calls - unit sold separately.)

Bonus: Don't waste time taking calls you don't want. When your business has Caller ID you can also take advantage of Anonymous Call Rejection which blocks unwanted calls marked "Private" or "anonymous". When Anonymous Call Rejection is activated, your phone will not ring when an incoming "private" or "anonymous" call is received. Instead, the caller will hear an announcement advising them that the called party is not accepting calls marked "private" or "anonymous." It's easy to activate.. Simply press *77 to activate and *87 to deactivate.


Even if you're away from your desk, you'll always know who called - even if they didn't leave a voicemail message. If you are already on the phone, and you have Call Waiting, you'll be able to see who is calling on the Caller ID display. Never miss an important customer call again.

To use Caller ID service you must have a display phone or unit. Caller ID display phones and display units are available from Cincinnati Bell or where you buy telephone equipment.

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting up your display unit or display telephone.
  • Once you've ordered Caller ID, the service is automatically activated for you.
  • The name and/or number of the calling party will be displayed after the completion of the first ring. If you pick up during the first ring, Caller ID will not display the caller's information.
  • Instead of Caller ID information, you may get information indicating an "anonymous", "private", or "blocked" call on your display. (Check the manufacturer's instructions for the exact message.) The "private" message means the calling party has used a privacy option to prevent the display of their telephone number.
  • Caller ID information will be provided when you receive a call from an area where Caller ID service is available, both locally and long distance. (If a call is placed from a cellular phone or some types of business phones, the calling information may not be displayed.)
  • When you receive a call from outside a Caller ID service area, you may receive an "Out Of Area" message. (Check the manufacturer's instructions for exact message.) The call will be completed as usual but the caller's number will not appear on your Caller ID display unit.
  • As a Caller ID customer, you also have the ability to block "private" or "anonymous" calls from reaching you. Please refer to Anonymous Call Rejection for further details.

  • Notice to customers with Call Waiting

    Depending on the type of Caller ID unit you request, the number of the incoming call may or may not be displayed.

    Privacy Options for You and Others

    Cincinnati Bell offers both Per Call and Per Line Privacy.

    Per Call Privacy designates individual calls as "private".

    If the caller does not want their name and/or number revealed when calling a Caller ID or Call Return customer, they may simply dial *67 prior to placing the call, and it will be marked "private". Per Call Privacy is a free service to all Cincinnati Bell customers.

    Per Line Privacy automatically marks all outgoing calls from a phone line as private for unlisted customers.

    There is a fee associated with Per Line Privacy for customers who are published in the phone book but not for non-published customers. Per Line Privacy customers also have the option to allow their number to be displayed on an outgoing call. By pressing *82 before placing a call, Per Line Privacy customers can allow their number to be displayed for that particular call. Per Line Privacy interferes with the message retrieval for voice mail. For Per Line Privacy customers, dial *82 before calling your mailbox to get your message, eliminating the need to enter your mailbox number.

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