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Prime Advantage

Prime Advantage is a high-capacity switched digital access service that provides 23 digital information channels and a separate channel for signaling — all on a single pipe. Setting a new standard for business communications technology, Prime Advantage improves network management and efficiency while making bulk data transport affordable.


  • 23 information channels: Carry voice, video, or data information at speeds up to 64 Kbps
  • Caller ID: Displays the number of the calling party, providing valuable information for customer service and telemarketing operations
  • Clear channel mode: 23 information channels free to operate in a clear channel mode — end-to-end digital connectivity for Prime Advantage users communicating with other clear channel end points
  • Call-by-call service selection: Achieve optimum efficiency by allowing you to manage the allocation of voice, video, and data channels
  • Alternate routing arrangements: Bypass a long distance carrier that may be suffering an outage


  • Reduced costs: By consolidating PBX and networking services, efficiencies can be achieved and expenses reduced
  • Flexibility: Voice, video, and data can be transported over a single pipe that also provides access to network services available from other carriers
  • Security: Automatic alternate routing to your secondary long distance carrier provides diversity in case of failure by the primary carrier
  • Reduced hardware requirements: By consolidating 23 channels into a single DS1 circuit card in your PBS or other communications server, you can reduce your hardware needs


Signaling Rate and Switching Mode 64 Kbps circuit switched voice or data
Distance Limitation from Central Office None
Wiring 4-wire standard DS1 connection
Channels Maximum 23 B channels and 1 D channel per Prime Advantage pipe
Operating System Windows 98/ME/2000/XP loaded
Signaling Format ESF or SF
Line Coding AMI or B8ZS
System Requirements ISDN-capable PBX with PRI software DS1 card, CSU/DSU, and D channel capability. Also need a PRI-capable multiplexor, LAN interconnection card, video conferencing or other terminal equipment with CSU/DSU. Check with your Cincinnati Bell Account Representative or equipment vendor to determine your equipment's PRI capability.

Contact your Cincinnati Bell Account Manager or call 513-566-5050 for more information.