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Trunk Advantage

Your business relies on its communication network. And your employees would probably be a lot more productive if they spent less time on the phone. Now there's a clear solution to both challenges: Trunk Advantage, Cincinnati Bell's digital alternative to traditional analog trunks. Trunk Advantage is the digital choice for premium voice communication.


  • Trunk Advantage uses a DS1 connection, also known as a T1, to provide 24 usable DS0 channels. Each DS0 channel operates at speeds up to 64Kbps with a total capacity for services at 1.544 Mbps.
  • By carrying up to 24 trunks on a single connection, Trunk Advantage enables you to reduce your number of circuit packs and other hardware. The typical DS1 card supports 24 trunks, as opposed to analog cards that only support 8 or 16 trunks. More trunks per card means less floor space and real estate in a telephone system.
  • Trunk Advantage and MetroPLEXSM Self-Healing Fiber Rings provide complete network protection in the event of disaster — cable cuts, blizzards, tornadoes, floods. MetroPLEX Rings are designed to reroute your traffic within 50 milliseconds.


  • Enables you to consolidate individual trunks onto a single digital connection
  • Reduces hardware requirements
  • Increases speed of call set-up times
  • Provides clearer connections
  • Positions your company for an all digital network and emerging enhanced services from Cincinnati Bell
  • Gives your company access to MetroPLEX Self-Healing Fiber Rings (where available)

Contact your Cincinnati Bell Account Manager or call 513-566-5050 for more information.