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Wireless Rate Plans

Great plans at a glance.

We have a range of wireless rate plans to choose from — one just right for your business.

Single-User Plans

Whether you're always on the phone or just need it for important conversations, we have the plan for you. You'll enjoy features like unlimited Nights & Weekends, Nationwide Roaming and more. We've even lowered the price of our Unlimited plan!
Plan Price Peak Minutes Nights & Weekends Nationwide Roaming Add'l Minutes Nationwide Mobile-To-Mobile
CinBell USA 700 $40.00* 700 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
Included $0.40/min Included
CinBell USA 1400 $50.00* 1400 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
Included $0.35/min Included
Business Unlimited Local Plus $49.99* Unlimited Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
60 minutes N/A N/A
USA Unlimited Plus $60.00* Unlimited Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
Included N/A Included

Plans Include: Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling.

Nationwide Shared Plans

Need to share your minutes with someone else? CinBell USA plans give you the simplicity of shared minutes, nationwide mobile-to-mobile calling, unlimited night & weekend calling, long distance in the U.S. and nationwide roaming.

CinBell USA Plan Price
(2 users)
Peak Minutes Nights & Weekends Add'l Minutes Add'l Users Max Users
Shared 200 $40.00* 200 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
$0.45/min $10/mo. 3
Shared 700 $60.00* 700 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
$0.40/min $10/mo. 5
Shared 1400
$80.00* 1400 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
$0.35/min $10/mo. 5
Shared 4000
$129.99* 4000 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
$0.10/min $10/mo. 10
Shared 6000 $209.99* 6000 Unlimited
9PM - 6AM
$0.20/min $10/mo. 20

Plans Include: Nationwide Roaming, Mobile-to-Mobile, Domestic Long Distance, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling. Larger shared plans available if needed, please contact your account manager or 513-565-7404 for more details.

Unlimited Shared Plans

Need an unlimited plan? Get unlimited minutes, text for a great price!

(2 users)
Peak Minutes Text Additional Minutes Nationwide Mobile-To-Mobile Additional User Maximum Users
Unlimited Shared Plan $90.00* Unlimited Included N/A Included $20/mo 5
Unlimited Shared Plan $140.00* Unlimited Included N/A Included $20/mo 10

Plans Include: Nationwide Roaming, Mobile-to-Mobile, Domestic Long Distance, Voicemail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding and 3-Way Calling.

Smartphone Data Plans

On-the-go professionals need mobile devices and services that keep them informed, in touch and in control. Cincinnati Bell mobile office solutions combine multi-functional devices and the latest software to provide you with Personal Information Management (PIM), corporate or Internet email access and messaging solutions that meet the needs of all kinds of businesses. Work with your Account Manager to choose the device and the voice and data service plans that fit your company's business style, and stay connected ó anywhere, anytime.

Cincinnati Bell's tiered smartphone data plans include tethering

View all Smartphone Devices

Internet 2GB
Enterprise 5GB
Monthly Price $29.99* $49.99
Unlimited Text Messaging $5.00** $5.00**
Enterprise/Corporate Email $5.00 $5.00

*Offer valid for new smartphone activations or upgrades from traditional handsets. Includes 2 GB of data per month and supports POP3 email clients. 24 month agreement required. Additional fees and taxes apply. Other restrictions may apply.
** $5.00 Unlimited text messaging is valid with two year contract.

Text Messaging and Media Plans

Cincinnati Bell's mobile messaging and media plans give you the combination of mobile messaging and media usage to stay connected when you're on the go. Text messaging allows your employees to quickly get answers, the meeting location or someone's contact info, for example. Use media plans to get your stock updates, check the weather or access Internet email. Cincinnati Bell mobile messaging and media plans keep you connected to the people and info you need, now.

Plan Msgs Included* Data Monthly Charge
500 Mobile Messages 500 0 KB $4.99
1000 Mobile Messages 1000 0 KB $9.99
Unlimited Mobile Messaging Unlimited 0 KB $14.99
Mega Media Single User N/A 300MB** $10.00
100 International Mobile Messages 100 0 KB $9.99
Mobile Data International N/A 20 MB $24.99***
Mobile Data International N/A 50 MB $59.99***
Mobile Data International N/A 100 MB $119.99***
Mobile Data International N/A 200 MB $199.99***

*Includes incoming & outgoing messages. >Message overage charge is 20¢ per message over plan. Data overage charge is 5¢ per kb over plan. **Data exceeding 300MB per month will be charged at $15 for each additional 300MB.

Need help with mobile messaging? View our mobile messaging How-tos and FAQs

To order, simply call 513-565-7404 or contact your Account Manager for more information.

Enterprise Messaging Plans

Our Enterprise Messaging service is a group notification and messaging solution that integrates smoothly with your businessís notification applications to offer an enhanced wireless notification and response experience. This solution puts a web-based monitoring tool in the hands of your administrators, so they can track message delivery status, view message history and generate usage reports.Click here for details.

Messages Per Month Monthly Charge
2,500 $49.99
5,500 $99.99
20,000 $199.99

Voice2Text Plans

Get your voicemail as text and stay connected anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Learn more about Voice2Text.

Plan What's Included Overage Monthly Charge
Voice2Text Unlimited Bundle Unlimited conversions N/A $4.99

International Service Plans

Cincinnati Bell offers international voice and data roaming options that keep you connected as you travel worldwide. Stay in touch with your co-workers, family and friends with international voice roaming in over 160 countries. And keep up with what's going on at the office with international GPRS data roaming in over 70 countries around the globe.
Get more details on our International Wireless Services

Call Any Cincinnati Bell Wireless From Anywhere in the U.S.

Nationwide Mobile-To-Mobile

Now available on all plans $39.99/mo and higher! Calls made to any Cincinnati Bell Wireless subscriber while your traveling within the Continental U.S. won't subtract from your Peak minutes.

How To Get It

Contact your Account Manager or call 513-566-5050 to order today!

Unlmited Minutes & Text

The Nation's Best Unlimited Shared Plan


/mo for
2 users

  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Text
  • $45/user for the first 2 users

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Call millions of numbers, use zero wireless minutes

Unlimited Cincinnati Bell Calling

Cincinnati Bell Wireless keeps your business connected for less. Use 20% fewer wireless minutes and call over 2.5 million Cincinnati Bell numbers free every day.

Unlimited nationwide calls to and from the five numbers of your choice.

Connect 5 ®

Use Connect 5 to add
5 phone numbers of businesses, friends,
and family and talk
as much as you want!

Managed Email Plans

Contact your Account Manager or call 513-566-5050 for details and pricing on Cincinnati Bell hosted email for Microsoft Exchange

Quick Mail

Quick Mail lets you access your personal ISP-provided email account via your Cincinnati Bell wireless phone's email client. This includes the ability to access POP3, IMAP & SMTP email.
Setup and configure your Quick Mail

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