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Fioptics Internet



250 Mbps Fioptics Internet

Plans starting at $4499 Per month for 24 months when bundled

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Fioptics Standard



500 Mbps Fioptics Internet

Plans starting at $6499 Per month for 24 months when bundled

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Fioptics Advanced



FREE speed upgrade to
1 Gig Fioptics Internet!

Plans starting at $9999 Per month for 24 months when bundled

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The Premium in Business Wi-Fi

The Fioptics Wi-Fi solution provides our wireless suite of Internet Products with the high performance and reliability to satisfy the most demanding customers. Providing a commercial grade Wi-Fi experience, Fioptics Wi-Fi is available in the following feature solutions: 

  • Fioptics Intelligent Wi-Fi
  • Fioptics Wi-Fi Premium 
  • Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus 

Premium business wi-fi

Fastest Fiber Network to Power your Business

Cincinnati's Fastest Internet Provides:

  • The fastest connection to fuel growing businesses
  • Utilize Fioptics for a wide variety of business applications including, e-commerce, audio and video streaming, conferencing, and data backup
  • A reliable and consistent connection for both customers and employees

Fioptics Wi-Fi Access Point

Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus gives your business the ability to provide ALL users with “FREE Fioptics Wi-Fi” while in your business! Get Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus when you sign up for 250 Mbps or above Internet. 

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Available Speeds

Cincinnati Bell offers Speeds up to 1Gbps

  • Do business at the speed of light with Fioptics Internet
  • Speed options to fit any business' need and a local employee to help you find the perfect fit
  • Faster upload speeds to increase point of sale, data back ups and, cloud applications

Wifi in a cofee shop

Connect with Customers: Prime Cincinnati

Hear from Nelson Castillo, Managing Partner of Prime Cincinnati, about how Fioptics Internet helps ensure that his guests receive the best restaurant experience.