The Premium in Business Wi-Fi

The Fioptics Wi-Fi solution provides our wireless suite of Internet Products with the high performance and reliability to satisfy the most demanding customers. Providing a commercial grade Wi-Fi experience, Fioptics Wi-Fi is available in the following feature solutions: 

  • Fioptics Intelligent Wi-Fi
  • Fioptics Wi-Fi Premium 
  • Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus 

Fioptics Wi-Fi Solutions

Find the package that fits your business needs.

Intelligent WiFi

Fioptics Intelligent Wi-Fi

Fioptics Intelligent Wi-Fi provides our most advanced all-in Wi-Fi and engagement experience. In addition to Plus and Premium, Intelligent Wi-Fi provides an enhanced package that allows businesses to gather operational intelligence on customer behaviors, deliver smart targeted advertisements, and drive customer loyalty with exclusive offers. Included in Intelligent Wi-Fi:
  • Free Aruba Access Point with Fioptics Internet at 250 Mbps or greater*
  • Management of guest Wi-Fi including pre-configured captive portal and landing page templates.
  • Centralized dashboard of all analytics, marketing, and network information for your Wi-Fi analytics service.
  • Comprehensive end-user data collections through social media channels, online browsing behaviors, and behavior in physical locations.
  • Detailed manual and automated analytics reports.
  • Direct marketing capability with content delivery through multiple channels, including Wi-Fi, SMS (additional charges apply), e-mail, and integration into proximity aware apps on a Professional Services engagement.
  • Data export to third party CRM or BI systems.
  • Customer has access to free placement in the Connect Cincinnati Mobile App.
* Each additional access point defaults to standard rates. Customer must broadcast SSID: Fioptics Free Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Premium

Fioptics Wi-Fi Premium

Fioptics Wi-Fi Premium provides all of the features/benefits of Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus while adding a key marketing feature, Presence Analytics. Included in Wi-Fi Premium:

  • Free Aruba Access Point with Fioptics Internet at 250 Mbps or greater*
  • Presence Analytics: Access Wi-Fi health analytics dashboard, with options to monitor graphs with traffic patterns for the passer by, visitor, and loyalty insights

Wi-Fi Plus

Fioptics Wi-Fi Plus

Designed to accommodate customers who want more than just average Wi-Fi for guests and employees. Included in Wi-Fi Plus:

  • Free Aruba Access Point with Fioptics Internet at 250 Mbps or greater*
  • Deliver guests a commercial grade W-Fi experience
  • Free placement within the Connect Cincinnati Mobile app for mass marketing.