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Calling Services: Hunting

Make sure your customers speak to a live person.


Hunting allows your incoming calls to "hunt" for an open line. The hunt begins with the called line and continues through a prearranged sequence until the call is answered or reaches your voice mailbox.


You are normally able to keep up with most incoming customer calls, but there are peak times during the day or month where the call volume increases. Hunting allows incoming calls to search for an open line so that your customer can talk to another company representative rather than receiving a busy signal or being forwarded to your voice mailbox.

Note: This service is not available in the Greater Dayton area.

When you order Hunting, a Cincinnati Bell representative will work with you to set up the prearranged sequence. Once it is set up, Hunting will automatically happen with each incoming call.

If you have questions about Calling Services, please call 513-566-5050 in Cincinnati or 888-CIN-BELL in Dayton.