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Calling Services: Per Line Privacy

Keep your identity from appearing on Caller ID.


With Per Line Privacy, you can block your phone number from appearing on Caller ID unless you choose to allow it to be shown. Per Line Privacy automatically marks all outgoing calls from a phone line as "private." This service is FREE for non-published customers and available at a small fee for customers who are published in the phone book.


Your company operates under several company names. Using this service allows you to make calls to all your customers knowing that if they have Caller ID, the call will be marked as "private".

Once you order the service, Per Line Privacy is automatically activated.

How to override Per Line Privacy for a specific phone call
  1. Listen for dial tone, then press *82 (Rotary customers: dial 11 instead of *).
  2. Dial the phone number you wish to call and your phone number will be displayed on the Caller ID of the person you're calling. Per Line Privacy will be back in effect again for the next call that you make.
  3. Note: Per Line Privacy can dial *82 before calling their mailbox to retrieve messages. This eliminates the need to enter your mailbox number.

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