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Calling Services: Repeat Dial

Save time and make sure you don't miss making that important call.


Allows the user to automatically redial a number.


You need to reach a customer but the number is busy. Simply dial *66 to activate the Repeat Dial service and it will automatically redial the number for up 30 minutes until it gets through. This lets you attend to other tasks in the meantime.

To activate Repeat Dialing
  1. When you encounter a busy signal, hang up. Then pick up the phone and dial *66.
  2. You will get an announcement that instructs you to hang up while the service continues to dial the number. Repeat Dialing will continue trying to complete the call for up to 30 minutes or until the call is completed.
  3. When the called line is free, Repeat Dialing will alert you with a special ringing pattern - two short and one long. * (This pattern will repeat.) When you pick up the phone, your call will be placed for you.
  4. You can use your phone to receive or place other calls while Repeat Dialing is activated.
  5. Repeat Dialing will attempt to complete up to six calls at a time. As lines clear, it will alert you with the special ring.
  6. If, during the 30 minute activation period, you are using the phone or can't pick up when you hear the special ring, Repeat Dialing will try again in 5 minute intervals. If you haven't answered by the third try, the request will be cancelled. **
To cancel Repeat Dialing
  1. Listen for a dial tone, then press *86 .
  2. Listen for cancellation announcement telling you that your Repeat Dialing request has been cancelled.†

* The special ringing pattern created by Repeat Dialing may affect the operation of your answering machine, FAX or modem - depending on the model and its settings. For example, your answering machine, FAX or modem may interpret the special short, short, long ringing pattern generated by Repeat Dialing as three separate rings. This may result in your machine answering a call prior to the selected ring cycle. Refer to your specific machine's owners manual to adjust your answering cycle if necessary.

**If you have multiple requests during this time, all your Repeat Dialing requests will be cancelled.

† All of your Repeat Dialing requests will be cancelled.

Note: Repeat dial feature may require special programming if you have a PBX or phone system.

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