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Calling Services: Speed Call 30

No need to look up or remember those numbers you use every day.


A service that allows users to get abbreviated dialing for up to 30 numbers.


Save time by getting abbreviated dialing for those numbers you call all the time like your best customers and suppliers. With Speed Call 30, dialing is simple and fast from any phone in your workplace. Select your most frequently dialed numbers and change your list of programmed numbers as often as you wish.

To assign Speed Call codes
  1. Pick up phone handset and listen for a dial tone.
    For 8 numbers: Press *74 and use Speed Calling codes 2 through 9.
    For 30 numbers: Press *75 and use Speed Calling codes 20 through 49.
  2. Listen for a dial tone. Dial a Speed Calling code and the complete number you have assigned to that code. (Remember to dial 1 + area code + number for long distance).
  3. Listen for two short tones and then a dial tone.
  4. To add other numbers, dial another Speed Calling code and telephone number.
To use Speed Calling
  1. Pick up phone handset and listen for a dial tone.
  2. Dial the Speed Calling code for the number you want. If you have a Touch-Tone phone, press the # button after the code. The call will go through even faster.

If you have questions about Calling Services, please call 513-566-5050 in Cincinnati or 888-CIN-BELL in Dayton.