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Calling Services: Standard Call Forward

Never miss an important phone call.


Allows you to activate your call forwarding from anywhere.


Together Call Forward services let the busy professional manage incoming calls as needed. Whether you've gone to a branch office and had your calls forwarded there; are busy making outgoing calls so instead of customers getting a busy signal, or voice mail, you can re-direct the calls to your assistant; or you're in and out of the office and when you're not there, want to have calls forwarded to another branch ... it's all as simple as activating the system to fit the need.

To activate Call Forward
  1. Listen for a dial tone, then press *72 (Centrex customers: press *172. Rotary customers: dial 11 instead of *).
  2. When you hear the dial tone, dial the number to which you want your calls to be sent. After you dial the number, you'll hear two short beeps.
  3. When the other telephone is answered, Call Forwarding is set. If that number is busy or there is no answer, hang up and immediately repeat the first two steps. Call Forwarding will be set up automatically.
    • Check to see that Call Forwarding is working by pressing *72 . You will hear a rapid busy signal indicating that your Call Forwarding has been activated.
    • Remember, while your calls are forwarded your phone is still available for making outgoing calls.
To cancel Call Forwarding
  1. Listen for a dial tone, then press *73 (Centrex customers: press *173. Rotary customers: dial 11 instead of *).
  2. Listen for two short tones and then dial tone. Your calls will no longer be forwarded.

Note: When your calls are forwarded and a call comes in to your phone, you will hear a half-ring indicating your calls are forwarded. You will be unable to answer incoming calls while Call Forwarding is activated.

If you have questions about Calling Services, please call 513-566-5050 in Cincinnati or 888-CIN-BELL in Dayton.