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Calling Services: Voice Messaging

The most flexible way to manage your incoming calls and messages.


A secure, professional and reliable network-based call answering service that can also be used to send messages to other Cincinnati Bell Voice messaging customers without ringing their phone (and get confirmation when your message has been heard). Plus use it to send broadcast messages to Group Lists you set up. Unlike an answering machine, if the power goes out, Voice Messaging service still operates and messages remained safely stored in the mailbox.

Cincinnati Bell's Voice Messaging services are the best way for you to keep in contact with your customers and business associates. For your callers, it means every call is answered and callers never hear a busy signal. - even when your line is tied up. For you, it means you can retrieve your messages on the road, at work, or anyplace in between. With Voice Mail, you're sure to get all your messages no matter how hectic your schedule is. Voice Mail is easy to use.


A customer was supposed to call during business hours to leave instructions for an urgently needed part but didn't get around to it. You can't wait any longer - you need to attend your daughter's recital. No problem. Your customer can call after hours, and leave the information. And, you can access the system from home, your wireless or anywhere to get the message later.

Your mailbox offers automated prompts to guide you through setting up your mailbox, retrieving your messages and using any of the advanced features Voice Mail provides. The * key is multifunctional. After listening to your messages, press * to disconnect. If you are accessing your voice mail to change your password or greeting, press * to return to the Main Menu. For assistance or questions, call the Voice Messaging Help Desk at 513-565-6006.

How to Set Up Your Voice Mailbox

To set up your mailbox and retrieve your messages, you will need the following information:

  • Your Voice Mail access number
    • Greater Cincinnati
    • 513-554-1234 (Ohio and Indiana)
    • 859-392-1234 (Kentucky)
    • Greater Dayton, Middletown and Springfield 937-619-1234
  • Your mailbox number is your telephone number (10 digits)
  • Your temporary password is 1111.
  1. Dial the access number.
  2. You will hear the "New Subscriber Tutorial," an automated lesson in setting up your mailbox. This tutorial will guide you through:
    • Changing your password. Your password ensures the privacy of your mailbox. Your password can contain between 4 and 15 digits.
    • Establishing a greeting. Your greeting is what your callers will hear before they leave a message in your mailbox.
    • Recording your name. Your recorded name is what you hear when you access your mailbox.

Your mailbox setup is complete. You may retrieve your messages at any time.

How Do You Know You Have New Messages?

Voice Mail uses a special dial tone known as "stutter" dial tone. If, when you hold the handset to your ear, you hear a stutter dial tone instead of a solid dial tone, then you have new messages waiting.

Accessing the Voice Mail system

Voice Mail offers you the convenience of entering the system from anywhere.

To enter the Voice Mail system from your office phone*
  1. Use the shortcut, dial *966 or *11.
  2. You will be asked for your password.
  3. Enter your password and you will be at the Main Menu.
To enter the Voice Mail system from a phone other than your office phone
  • Simply dial one of the following access numbers:
    1. Toll free access to voice mail (when you are out of town): 1-866-567-2444
    2. Greater Cincinnati (including Mason and Oxford): 513-554-1234
    3. Kentucky: 859-392-1234
    4. Greater Dayton, Middletown and Springfield: 937-619-1234
    5. Wilmington: 937-366-1234
    6. Tipp City and Troy: 937-877-1234
  • Press #.
  • Enter your ten-digit mailbox number.
  • Enter your password and press #.
  • You are at the Main Menu.
* If you have purchased Cincinnati Bell's Per-Line Privacy feature, dial *82
+ the access number to release your number to the Voice Mail system.

Retrieving Your Messages

After you access your mailbox, you will be in the Main Menu. The Main Menu serves as the "entryway" to your all your Voice Mail features.

To retrieve your messages from the Main Menu
  1. From the Main Menu, press 1 to review your messages. You will hear a prompt to enter 1 to review unheard messages or 2 to review saved messages. Or, you can use the following shortcut to bypass the prompt:
    • Review New Messages 11
    • Review Saved Messages 12
Managing Your Greetings and Personal Options

You can manage and change your greetings and administrative options, such as changing your password or changing your prompt levels, through Personal Options.

  1. From the Main Menu, press 4 to access Personal Options.
To change your password from Personal Options:
  1. Press 2 and follow the prompts to change your password. (Note: Your password is the unique code number that you use to ensure the privacy of messages left in your mailbox. Your password can contain between 4 and 15 digits.)
To change your greetings from Personal Options
  1. Press 3 and follow the prompts to change your greetings. There are four possible voice mail greetings:
    • Personal greeting 1
    • Extended absence greeting 2
    • Record name 3
    • System greeting 5
To change your prompt levels from Personal Options

Voice Mail provides "standard" prompts for accessing your mailbox. If you prefer more detailed prompts, you may replace the "standard" prompts with "extended" prompts. If you prefer abbreviated prompts, you may replace the "standard" prompts with "rapid" prompts.

  1. Press 2 for Administrative Options
  2. Press 3 and then
    • For standard prompts, press 1
    • For extended prompts 2
    • For rapid prompts 3
Other Voice Mail Options
  • Rewind to Beginning 11
  • Rewind 10 Seconds 1
  • Pause/Restart Message 2
  • Fast Forward 10 Seconds 3
  • Fast Forward to End of Message 33
  • Erase Message 337
  • Save Message 339
  • Hear Time/Date Stamp on Message 5
  • Skip to Next Message #
  • Exit to Main Menu *
  • To Disconnect from Mailbox **
Options Available to You at the End of Your Message
  • Replay Message 4
  • Hear Time/Date Stamp on Message 5
  • Send Copy with Introduction 6
  • Send Copy without Introduction 66
  • Erase Message 7
  • Reply by Voice Mail 8
  • Reply by Placing a Call 88
  • Save Message 9
  • Skip to Next Message #
  • Exit to Main Menu *
  • To Disconnect from Mailbox **

If you have questions about Calling Services, please call 513-566-5050 in Cincinnati or 888-CIN-BELL in Dayton.