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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Cincinnati Bell Business has the solution to improve your customer experience and increase productivity with our powerful, integrated, cloud-based IVR applicaton.

The IVR Advantage

Designed to increase productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Reduce customer hold time
  • Enables gold-glove service with preferred customers
  • Identify callers using speech recognition or touch tone
  • Communicate with the customer when agents are unavailable
  • Outbound notifications are quickly deployed without scheduling agents
  • Enable self-service for an alternate experience

True business intelligence in real-time

  • Make decisions on routing of calls real-time
  • Split calls between different locations
  • Create reusable scheduled and time-of-day routing policies
  • Capture spoke or key input
  • Full graphical reporting provides true business intelligence in real-time

Using IVR for efficiency and customer loyalty

  • Is the customer a VIP?
  • Is the customer’s account in arrears?
  • Does the customer qualify for support?
  • When was the last time this customer called?
  • Does the customer have an open support ticket?

Security verifications

  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of social
  • PIN number
  • Secret phrase

Automate outbound applications

Call flows can be created to perform time-consuming tasks:

  • Outbound surveys
  • Appointment reminders
  • Emergency notification messages
  • Payment reminders and collections
  • Promotional notifications