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Trackemô GPS Tracking

Managing a mobile workforce has its unique set of challenges. The effective use of your mobile assets is critical for successful expense management. Trackem is a GPS tracking solution that empowers you to make better planning decisions around your fleet, vehicles, scheduling and more. Real-time, downloadable administrative reports to your BlackBerry device or any web browser allow you to:

  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Eliminate misuse of company time and vehicles
  • Increase safety and security of your fleet and drivers
  • Recover vehicles and assets
  • Track distance, speed, location and duration of stops down to individual drivers

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Mobile Email

On-the-go professionals need mobile devices and services that keep them informed, in touch and in control. Cincinnati Bell mobile office solutions combine multi-functional devices and the latest software to provide you with personal information management (PIM), corporate or Internet email access and messaging solutions that meet the needs of all kinds of businesses. Work with your Account Manager to choose the device and the voice and data service plans that fit your company's business style, and stay connected — anywhere, anytime.


Cincinnati Bell offers several ways for business customers to access corporate and Internet-based email. The size of your company and the type of corporate email service you use will determine which solution fits best.

BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry Internet Service offers integration of your BlackBerry device to supported business and personal email accounts. BlackBerry Internet Service™ provides "push" delivery of messages, mobile access to email attachments and images in popular formats and convenient access to HTML and WAP pages.

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Cincinnati Bell Quick Mail

Quick Mail lets you access your personal ISP-provided email account via your Cincinnati Bell wireless phone's email client. This includes the ability to access POP3, IMAP & SMTP email. (You may have to subscribe to additional services with your ISP provider in order to utilize this functionality.)

Setup and configure your Quick Mail

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