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Fuse Dial-Up Internet Access

Besides being 5X faster, Fuse w/ Accelerator comes with even more features.

Don't have Fuse Accelerator? Call 513-565-BELL to order.

Great ways to get the most from Fuse.

Fuse Support Center

Got questions about your Fuse service? From installation and connection, to billing and Web browsing, you'll find all the answers here.

My Account

The place to go when you want to manage your internet service, view your bill, make payments, add services, and more.


Even when you're out of town, our Fuse 800 number makes it easy to dial in and never miss out.

Web Accelerator Software

Now you can surf the web at up to 5X the speed of normal dial-up accounts. Already an Fuse Accelerator Customer? Download Now.

Internet Call Manager

Never miss another phone call while working on the Internet.


Try TrueSwitch from Cincinnati Bell and make switching to Fuse simple!

Free Homepage Manager

Acellerator customers, create and manage your Free Homepage.


Looking to exchange ideas with others who share your interests? Check out this listing of all the specialized newsgroups you can join.

Manage Your Email

Want to change your password or other email details? Our Internet Service Account Manager makes it easy.

Contact Us

If you ever have questions or support issues with Fuse, we're always here to provide answers and resources. Just contact us at any time.

Click here for General Fuse Terms & Conditions

Ready to go blazing fast?

Sounds like you're ready for ZoomTown High-Speed - which is 100 times faster than dial-up. And when you bundle it with other Cincinnati Bell services, you can get it for less. Learn more