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Free Personal Homepage

The Fuse Home Page Manager gives you a comprehensive menu of tools and resources to help you begin publishing content on the Web, troubleshoot home page problems, and learn how to manage your files once they are published. You get up to 100 MB of space for your home page included free with your fuse subscription. Just think ... you can now have a worldwide presence on the Internet.

Using the Tools menu at the right, you can register your page, change your URL, or publish files.

Resources include a complete set of publishing instructions, a list of HTML editors to use on various platforms, frequently asked questions, and a directory of Fuse subscribers who have published home pages. You're all set to go with the Fuse Home Page Manager, so have fun!

Special Note:

You must be a Fuse Dial-Up with Accelerator subscriber and type in your user name and password to access the Tools section of the Fuse Home Page Manager. Otherwise, your access will be denied.