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1-800 Access - Use Fuse While Traveling

1-800 Access

Looking for an easy, economical way to stay connected to the Internet even when you're out of town? As a Fuse subscriber, all you need to do is dial 1.800.496.3873 to get online from anywhere in the United States. Best of all, it's just $0.10 per minute.

( 1-800-496-3873 )

Now you can save money on your long-distance bill and enjoy Internet access whenever your travels take you away from home.

Don't Forget to Change It Back!

Whenever you leave town for a trip and change your Fuse dial-up number to 1.800.496.3873, remember to change the number back to your local access number upon your return (513.651.3873 for the Greater Cincinnati area, 513.942.4873 for Oxford, Ohio and 937.910.1089 for Dayton, Ohio). Make sure you make this change in your browser's dialing properties as soon as possible when you get back to avoid incurring unnecessary 800-number charges to your account.