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BlackBerry Internet Service

BlackBerry allows you to access multiple existing email accounts from a single BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Internet Service is an internet-based email interface that allows you to add email accounts that you want to access with your BlackBerry. You can set up any of the following accounts accessible from your BlackBerry: Outlook, Notes, MSN, Hotmail, AOL or POP3/ISP email. Email is redirected to your BlackBerry device so you can send, receive, forward and reply to messages while you're on the go. You can also view popular document attachments on your BlackBerry.

In addition, a Web mail account is provided with each BlackBerry device that can also be accessed through the BlackBerry Internet Service on an Internet-enabled PC. This new email address (e.g. acts as the default email address for your device. It does not require additional software to begin using your BlackBerry and it's easy to set up your internet service account.


  • Add new email accounts to work with your BlackBerry device
  • Configure email filters and other BlackBerry settings
  • Define which messages are sent to the BlackBerry handheld based on key words and message fields such as 'sent from', subject, priority level
  • Set an auto-signature
  • Compose, send, read and reply to email with a familiar web-based email experience

How It Works

In your BlackBerry Internet Service account, you can add or remove the email accounts that you want to access with your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry pulls email from these email accounts into your internet service inbox. BlackBerry then redirects messages, pushing email to your BlackBerry handheld. You can limit the number of messages you receive on the BlackBerry device by setting filters that monitor key words and message fields.

Messages sent from your handheld will be sent from your new handheld email account address. However, you can configure the 'Sent from' email address to be your regular email address, so messages sent from your handheld appear to originate from your primary email account.

Configure your BlackBerry Internet Service