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Billing Help: eBill

What is eBill?

eBill is our convenient paperless billing solution that makes paying your Cincinnati Bell bill simple and hassle-free. No more paper bills to receive in the mail. You'll receive a courtesy email when your bill is available instead of a paper bill. And best of all - it's FREE.

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How does eBill work?

Instead of receiving your normal paper bill in the mail each month, you will receive a reminder email informing you that your electronic bill (eBill) is available to be viewed online. So each month, when your Cincinnati Bell bill is ready, you'll receive the reminder to view your bill online.

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Will I still get a Paper bill if I sign up for eBill?

No. Once you sign up for eBill, the paper bill will stop being printed and mailed to your home. eBill is our paperless billing option. Each month, when your Cincinnati Bell bill is ready, you'll receive an email reminder to let you know your bill is available for viewing online.

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I did not receive an email notification that my bill is available to view and pay online.

This monthly email is delivered as a courtesy from Cincinnati Bell. However, you don't need to wait for the eBill email notification to access and pay your account balance. You can view your account online at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have not received an email notification, you may not have a current or correct email address listed. To view and update your email address, log in to My Account, click My Profile at the top of the page, then Manage Email Addresses. There, you can edit a current address or add a new one.

We have also seen instances where the eBill email notifications were mistaken for SPAM and filtered by the customer's Internet Service Provider or their email software. If you have a junk mail or SPAM folder on your email software, please check to see if these eBills are there. Otherwise, we recommend that you contact your Internet Service Provider and explain to them the problem you are having.

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Attention all Cincinnati Bell customers using Email SPAM Filtering software.

Important information about your Cincinnati Bell account including eBill and Autopay notifications may be affected by Email SPAM Filtering software you have installed on your computer

Cincinnati Bell uses your email address of record within your Cincinnati Bell My Account to confirm your purchases, subscription to billing services, Autopay payment confirmation and to notify you when your Cincinnati Bell eBill statement is available for viewing online.

To ensure you receive these important emails, you may need to adjust the settings in your Email SPAM Filtering software that you are using. Please perform the following:

  • Add the domain to your email safe list. Consult your filtering software for assistance.
  • If your software settings do not allow you to add email addresses to a safe list, contact your software provider's customer service department for help to update your configuration settings.
  • Contact your ISP with any questions about a safe list that they maintain and request that the domain is on that safe list.
  • If you still are unable to receive email information from Cincinnati Bell, you may need to disable your email Spam filtering software
These steps will help ensure you receive the most up to date billing, account and other service-related communications from Cincinnati Bell.

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What are my payment options with eBill?

You have several payment options with eBill!

  • Make a one-time payment online by electronic check, debit card or credit card.
  • For even greater convenience, enroll in Autopay. With Autopay, your Cincinnati Bell bill is paid automatically each month via an electronic debit from the checking account of your choice. Click here to learn more about Autopay!
  • Pay at other Web sites.
  • Print a copy of your bill and pay by mail or in person.
  • Pay by phone using our automated phone system. 513-565-6090

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If I have eBill, do I have to use Autopay?

No. If you use eBill you do not have to choose Autopay as your payment option. However, we strongly urge you to try Autopay and see how this FREE service helps save you time and money.

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How much does the eBill service cost?

Nothing! Cincinnati Bell's eBill service is FREE! Many customers have asked for an electronic, paperless billing option and that's what eBill is!

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How will I know my Bill is ready?

Each month, you will receive a reminder email informing you that your electronic bill (eBill) is available to be viewed online. Once you receive this notice, you can log into your Cincinnati Bell My Account to view and pay your bill.

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Can I print my Bill?

Yes. Simply use your browser's Print button to print a copy of your bill.

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How do I read my bill online?

Log on to your Cincinnati Bell My Account and go to Billing & Payments, then Current Bill. This view displays all the details for any Cincinnati Bell services to which you subscribe. This includes your Cincinnati Bell Telephone service, Cincinnati Bell Any Distance, ZoomTown, Fioptics, Fuse, and Cincinnati Bell Wireless (if you have a combined bill).

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Can I use a bill paying service?

Yes. You may pay your bill online, at our Web site or through your bank, or favorite portal. If you are already paying electronically through another service, you may be able to simply add Cincinnati Bell as a biller. Check with that bill pay provider for more information.

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