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Cincinnati Bell Billing Glossary

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911 Access Charge

This charge is imposed by local governments to help pay for emergency services such as fire and rescue.

No more than (25) 911 charges can be billed at any one location.

Some counties will be charged a monthly fee and a surcharge:

Kentucky 911 Rates

Monthly Charge
Monthly Surchage
Boone County$.12$2.61
Kenton County$.12$2.76
City of Covington$.26$2.00
City of Erlanger$.26$2.50
City of Elsmere$.26$2.50
City of Ludlow$.12$2.76
Campbell County$.24$3.00
Grant County$.22$2.00
Pendleton County$.00$2.50
Owen County$.12$1.00
Gallatin County$.12$2.00

Indiana 911 Rates

Monthly Charge
Monthly Surchage
Dearborn County$.12$0.90
Franklin County$.12$0.90

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911 Implementation Surcharge

This fee is charged to cover the cost of providing 911 access to emergency services.

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Access Recovery Charge

The Access Recovery Charge (ARC) fee is a monthly charge assessed by local telephone companies to recover some of the costs incurred in the provision and maintenance of telephone service.

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Administrative Recovery Fee

The Admin Recovery Fee is included on long distance customers' bills to help defray some of the costs Cincinnati Bell Any Distance ("CBAD") incurs to comply with federal, state and local telecommunications rules and regulations, some administrative costs associated with providing service, and some taxes and assessments imposed upon CBAD. It does not include costs related to the federal Universal Service fund. This fee may vary each month. Please note this charge is a cost recovery fee and not a tax we are required to collect.

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Billing Cycle

A billing cycle is the time period between your bill date and the day before your next bill date, usually 30 days.

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CBET Admin Recovery Fee

In order to recover some of the administrative costs associated with providing service in its extended territories region, Cincinnati Bell includes an Admin Recovery Fee of $0.80 per line on each extended territories local exchange bill. This rate may be adjusted periodically to reflect our changing administrative costs.

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Complete Care

Complete Care is Wirecare and Phone Care, bundled together at a discounted price.

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Directory Assistance

Any charges for placing local 411 or long distance (area code) 555-1212 directory assistance calls.

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Directory Listing Charge

Charges associated to additions or changes to an existing listing in the directory

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Dual Party Relay Service Surcharge

The General Assemblies of Kentucky and Indiana have ordered all Local Exchange Companies to begin billing all customers a surcharge in order to provide service for the speech and hearing impaired.

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Federal Access Charge

This a fee that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows local phone companies to charge to recover a portion of the costs of completing and receiving long distance calls on their local networks.

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Federal Tax

This is a 3% tax mandated by the federal government. It is imposed on all telecommunications services, including local, long distance and wireless bills.

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Kentucky Lifeline Support

It is intended to help people who would otherwise be unable to afford basic local telephone service. The surcharge is to help funding for this process. This is considered a regulated charge and Lifeline customers are not exempt.

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Kentucky Intraconnection Fee

This fee helps Cincinnati Bell Any Distance recover the costs charged by local telephone companies in your state to carry in-state long distance calls over its lines. Fee = $.66 per line per month

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Lifeline Recovery Surcharge

The Lifeline Recovery Surcharge recovers the cost of providing local phone service to low-income households and is in compliance with Ohio Revised Code section 4927.

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Local Number Portability

Provides customers with an opportunity to keep their same phone number if they change local service providers.

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Non-Regulated Charges

Products/services that are not governed by PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) or PSCK (Public Services Commission of Kentucky)

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An equipment maintenance plan that protects all out-of-warranty telephones in the house with guaranteed repair or replacement.

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Premise Work Charge

It applies for installation of:

  • Inside wire and/or jacks, interior moves of inside wire
  • Equipment
  • Repair of inside wire and/or jacks when a customer does not subscribe to WireCare
The installer's time is chargeable at the rate of $85 for the first 60 minutes or fraction thereof and $21.25 for each additional 15 minutes or fraction thereof. NOTE: There is a 1 hour minimum surcharge.

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Relay/TDD Service Surcharge

This fee, which is charged to all customers, covers the cost of providing a “translation service for calls between TTYs users and people using traditional voice telephone. It also helps to subsidize the cost of specialized telecommunications equipment for people with specific disabilities.

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State and Local Taxes

This charge is imposed by state, local and municipal governments on goods and services. It may also appear as a “gross receipts” tax in some states.

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Regulated Charges

Products/services that have prices that are governed by PUCO (Public Utilities Commission of Ohio) or PSCK (Public Services Commission of Kentucky)

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Universal Service Fund (USF)

All telecommunications service providers must contribute to the Federal Universal Service Fund (USF) at a rate determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) each quarter. The Federal USF is used make phone service affordable and available to low-income subscribers and people living in areas where the costs of providing telephone service are high. In addition, the funds are used to provide discounted telephone service to eligible schools, libraries and rural health care providers. As allowed by the FCC's rules, Cincinnati Bell recovers its contribution from its customers via a separate monthly charge. Cincinnati Bell does not keep this revenue; it remits the entire amount to the FCC.

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Directory Listing Non-published

You may use Cincinnati Bell's My Account to view and print a copy of your bill online. With My Account, you can view statements for the last 18 months.

It is a charge for changes to non-address or non-published service

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A plan that covers repairs on qualified phone wiring problems inside the home, with no additional charges. Coverage only applies to repairs on phone lines and jacks that were working prior to coverage being initiated.

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