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Billing Help: Simple Bill

What is simple bill?

On April 2006, a simplified monthly bill format was introduced for most residential wireless subscribers who receive their bill by mail (vs. online with eBill), at no additional charge.

This simplified paper bill eliminated pages of individual call detail, making them easier to read and less cumbersome. You can still see your minute totals summarized by usage categories, and see individual call detail for any calls incurring roaming or long distance charges. Detail no longer appears for calls covered in your plan's included minutes. If you wish to receive all of your individual call detail on your paper bill, you will need to sign up for Detail Billing for $.99 per wireless phone number.

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How do I view my detailed call history?

To see your call detail, you must be a registered My Account customer.

  • Click HERE to login to your account.
  • Click "Billing & Payments, then "Current Bill"
  • Select one of your mobile phone numbers
  • Click "Call Details"

Don't have a My Account? Click HERE to sign up today!

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What if I want to still receive my detailed paper bills?

If a paper bill with individual call detail is absolutely necessary, you can still receive all of your call detail, for a monthly Detail Billing Fee of $0.99 per mobile phone number.

IMPORTANT: Residential wireless customers wishing to keep detail billing on a paper bill, with a monthly fee of $0.99 per mobile phone number, must call 1-866-817-7101 or go to My Account to select Detail Billing; otherwise you will receive our Simplified Billing.

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