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ZoomTown: ZoomTown Internet Security

What is ZoomTown Internet Security?

The Internet can be a source of entertainment, information, and a useful tool for communication. However, it can also be a threat to a personal computer if a useful protection application is not enabled. ZoomTown Internet Security is packed with protection from virus threats, annoying pop-ups windows, and most importantly intrusion attempts against your privacy. Better yet, ZoomTown Internet Security protects your home or office from viewing objectionable material with its integrated content filtering controls.

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Do I have to be a ZoomTown subscriber to purchase ZoomTown Internet Security?

Yes. ZoomTown Internet Security is made available to all Cincinnati Bell customers that use Fuse as their Internet Service Provider.

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I have multiple computers in my home/small business; will ZoomTown Internet Security protect all of my computers?

Absolutely! ZoomTown Internet Security can be installed on as many as 5 computers.

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Does ZoomTown Internet Security have a firewall?

A software firewall is included with ZoomTown Internet Security. The Personal Firewall inspects all inbound and outbound traffic for suspicious activity. The Personal Firewall even blocks unauthorized inbound and outbound activity without affecting legitimate traffic, and can be configured to add any TCP or UDP ports to one of the 3 security level templates. Firewall settings can be customized to the desired level per user.

Also included with ZoomTown Internet Security is Intrusion Notification - which contains a detection system that provides alerts and blocks threats to your computer when applications connect to the Internet. Intrusion Notification captures information about the applications and logs permissions set by you, to allow Full Access, Always Ask, or Block the application, whenever a program attempts to connect

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