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ZoomTown Toolbox

ZoomTown Toolbox has some helpful tools for installation setup, password reset, diagnostics, email setup & migration and frequently asked questions. Please select a topic of interest below.

Reset Email Password

If you've forgotten your email password, resetting it is fast and easy. Click here to reset your password.

Email Configuration Wizard

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Mac OS X Mail, our email wizard can help you setup your email account.

ZoomTown Setup Tutorial

This interactive tutorial gives an overview on setting up ZoomTown, email setup, optimizing & securing your system, home network and more.

ZoomTown FAQs

Get access to the latest frequently asked questions about your ZoomTown service.

ZoomTown Diagnostics

If you want to run the ZoomTown Diagnostics utility check here to make sure that this is the right utility for you.