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Are you looking for product help for wireless services? Please select the appropriate section below.

Handset Helpdesk

New to Wireless and wondering where to start? Click here to go to our introductory tour.

Network and Coverages

Network Coverages FAQs and Maps

Download Settings

Where can I find setup and connectivity guides for using wireless phones? Need instructions on email client setup?

Wireless Web Portal

Surf the intraweb on your coolio wireless phone.

Treo Simulator

Need help with your Treo? How do I browse the web? How do I setup device based email?


Need help on Cincinnati Bell terms? Take a look at this fine glossary of terms.

Blackberry Software Downloads

Get the latest software upgrades for your Blackberry device here!

BlackBerry Internet Service

Set-up email accounts on your BlackBerry effortlessly using this site. Allows you to access multiple existing email accounts for a single BlackBerry device from an internet-based email interface.