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Wireless: Mobile Messaging

How do I send a text message from my Nokia wireless phone to another phone?

  1. Select: MENU
  2. Select: MESSAGES
  3. Select: TEXT MESSAGE
  4. Select: Write Message or Write New, then type your message.
  5. Select: OPTIONS
  6. Select: SEND or SEND/OK
  7. Enter the 10 digit wireless number, press SEND
    Sending message will appear
    Message sent will appear
  8. Select: END CALL or EXIT

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How do I read a text message on my Nokia wireless phone?

  1. Select: MENU
  2. Select: MESSAGES
  3. Select: TEXT MESSAGE
  4. Select: INBOX
  5. Select message to read
  6. Select: READ
  7. Select: OPTIONS to reply or EXIT/END Call

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How do I send an email message from my Nokia wireless phone?

To send an email to someone using your wireless phone, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select: MENU
  2. Select: MESSAGES
  3. Select: TEXT MESSAGE
  5. Enter email address
  6. If asked for email gateway - enter 10 zeros "0000000000"
  7. Select: OK
  8. Type Message
  9. Select: OK
  10. Select: OPTIONS
  11. Select: SEND
  12. "sending message" will appear, then "message sent"
  13. Select: EXIT
  14. Select: OK

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What does Mobile Originated/Mobile Terminated Mean?

Mobile Originated - Message sent from your wireless phone to another wireless phone, or email address. This would include replying to a message or forwarding a message.
Mobile Terminated - Message received on your wireless phone. These messages could come from another wireless phone, any email account, or the internet.

What do I do if I get "message not sent"?

If "Message Not Sent" appears on your screen, press SEND again.

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How do I send a text message from an email address to a wireless phone?

In your "To" line of your email, enter the full 10 digit wireless phone number, followed by Example: Type your message in the subject line. A maximum of 50 characters can be sent.

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Why can't I send a message - I used to have this capability.

  1. Make sure your phone is capable of sending messages (including Nokia 3595, 3600, 6200 and Siemens S56 models).
  2. If your phone is capable and you still cannot sent a text message, please click the link below to send an email to Customer Care. Please include your wireless number and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number for account verification. Click here for Customer Care.

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How do I accessing my email on my wireless phone?

To access your email, select the Email menu option within the Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet services home page on your phone. You will see three options: 1) My Email, 2) My Email Tools or 3) Other Email

My Email
Cincinnati Bell Wireless Internet subscribers get one Fuse email box free. If you are an existing Cincinnati Bell email subscriber (Fuse, Zoomtown, etc.) you may set up "My Email" with the same Cincinnati Bell email address and password that you use to log-in via your PC.

    Setting up "My Email"
    The directions will vary for those with and those without an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, ZoomTown, etc).

    Those who DO NOT HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box:
    Select My Email. You will be asked: Are you an existing Cincinnati Bell email (, customer
    • Select No and the following will appear: Set up your email address and password so you can take advantage of Fuse Email while you're on the go. Press OK
    • Next you will choose a user name and a password.
      • Select a user name. If the user name you have chosen is already being used, you will be provided with alternatives. You may choose a suggested alternative or select a completely different user name.
      • Create a password. Passwords must be at least six characters long and must include at least one numeric character.
    • Once you have successfully created a username and password, you will receive a confirmation message indicating your Fuse email box has been created.
    • The next time you access My Email from the menu, you will not need to input your username and password. You will be automatically logged in to your Fuse email box.
      • If you would like to require your password be asked for every time you access My Email, you can set this preference in the My Email Tools folder and select Auto-Login Email?Disable.
      • If you'd like to access your email from a computer, you may do so by going to the following URL: You will need to enter your "Username", as well as your password.

    Those who HAVE an existing Cincinnati Bell email box (Fuse, Zoomtown etc.).
    Select My Email. You will be asked: Are you an existing Cincinnati Bell email (, customer
    • Select Yes
    • Select Email Address: and enter your existing Cincinnati Bell email address (i.e., or (case sensitive). To change the case, press # until you see "abc" mode instead of "Abc" mode.
    • Scroll down to Email Password and enter your existing email password (case sensitive).
    • Scroll down and select Go
    • You should now see your existing email inbox. Subsequent returns to My Email won't require you to input your Email Address and Email Password - you'll automatically be logged in!

    Other Email
    Use this option if you have email with a different provider (than Cincinnati Bell), or you wish to check a secondary Cincinnati Bell email account (up to 5 secondary email boxes besides the primary set up in My Email can be accessed).
    • Select the Other Email option, choose from one of the available options (Yahoo & MSN), and enter your email address and password.
    • If your email service is not listed, visit your email provider's website using the go to option and enter your Username and Password. If you have difficulty accessing your other email, contact your email provider for assistance.

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