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Customer Support: Consumer Information

Are you looking for help for a residential service? Please select the appropriate section below.

Consumer Rights

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. If you feel we have not fully addressed your questions or concerns, a supervisor is available to assist you.

Consumer Responsibility and Unlawful Use

Under the Federal Communications Commission's Registration Program, you may supply your own telephone equipment and connect it directly to the telephone network.

Special Needs & Services

If you are hearing or speech-impaired or have other physical difficulties using the phone, Cincinnati Bell has solutions.


Lifeline is designed to assist qualifying Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky consumers with their telephone service needs. These programs provide special discounts when obtaining service and provide a monthly service discount as well. All programs are available for new and existing customers of Cincinnati Bell.

Harassing Calls

It is a crime under state and federal law for anyone to make obscene or harassing telephone calls.

Services & Charges

The charge for repair and/or installation work in your home are based in the length of time required to complete the request.

Bill Inserts

Cincinnati Bellís monthly bill insert, In-Touch, is included with your paper bill and contains helpful information about products, services, promotions, special offers and more!

Network Management

Learn more about how Cincinnati Bell manages the Wireline and Wireless netowrks.

10-Digit Dialing Notice

Effective February 7, 2015, Indiana customers with the area code 812 should begin to dial the area code + telephone number whenever placing a local 812 call from a landline phone.