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Customer Support: Policies

Naturally, you’re concerned about your privacy – and we are too. To learn more about all the steps we take to protect you, select any option in our Policy and General Help index.

Legal Notice

Find out your legal rights to the information we provide and information you may provide to Cincinnati Bell while using this site.

Privacy Policy

Cincinnati Bell knows how important personal privacy is to our customers. Cincinnati Bell maintains strict privacy policies and uses industry-accepted technologies to safeguard such information.

Do Not Call Policy

In the interest of respecting the privacy of all consumers, Cincinnati Bell has established a Consumer Do Not Call Policy. As always, Cincinnati Bell respects the privacy of all consumers.

Customer Proprietary Network Information

Learn more about Customer Proprietary Network Information ("CPNI") and how we use this information to provide telecommunication products and services that best meet your needs.

High Speed Internet

For the full High Speed Internet terms and services click here.

(last updated 11/01/2015)

Copyright Infringement Policy

Cincinnati Bell recognizes the importance of protecting copyright holders and prohibits the use of its systems or network for infringing activities.

Telephone Customer Rights and Responsibilities

You, as a telephone customer, have many rights and responsibilties. Check here to see the list of these rights and responsibilities with the corresponding details for each.

Home Security

For a list of full Terms & Conditions, please visit


For the full Fioptics/Zoomtown Cable Television Terms and Conditions, click here

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