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Cincinnati Bell Fusion WiFi Product Support

Find out more about how Fusion WiFi calls are billed for ZoomTown/non-ZoomTown customers.

Fusion WiFi: Billing

As a ZoomTown or Greater Dayton Fusion WiFi customer, how will my minutes be billed?

Calls are billed based on where the call is initiated - a WiFi spot or the cellular network. For example, when making or receiving a call while on any WiFi network (green circle showing in upper left of handset display), minutes for the entire call will be classified as Fusion WiFi minutes and not deducted from your rate plan's included minutes. Even if you switch to the wireless network in the middle of the call, your minutes used will continue to be counted as Fusion WiFi minutes, and hence free.

It is important not to use your phone's display as an indicator of how the minutes are charged. For instance, a call initiated on the cellular network that has switched over to WiFi, your indicator could show a green circle (WiFi access), but not bill as free Fusion WiFi minutes.

If you initiate a call on the cellular network, your minutes will count as they normally would on a cellular call (i.e. peak, off peak, or Unlimited Everyday Calling minutes) even if you move into a WiFi spot in the middle of the call.

As part of your Fusion WiFi plan, you also have Unlimited Everyday Calling, which gives you unlimited calls to & from any Cincinnati Bell wireless, home, or business phone number when you make or receive a call within the Cincinnati Bell Wireless Local Service Area.

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How will my Fusion WiFi minutes be billed if I'm not a ZoomTown or Greater Dayton customer?

Minutes used when a call is initiated on any WiFi network and made to a non-Cincinnati Bell phone number WILL deduct from your wireless plan's minutes.

Calls to/from any Cincinnati Bell wireless or Cincinnati Bell home/business phone number will be free with Unlimited Everyday Calling included as part of your plan. There will be no difference in the billing for minutes used on WiFi or on the mobile network.

NOTE: For all Fusion WiFi customers, Text Messages, Picture Messages, Downloads and Internet (WAP) Browsing will bill as normal, depending on the Mobile Media & Messaging plan to which you subscribe.

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