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As with any innovative product or service, people always want to know more about it. So here are some of our most frequently asked questions by category. If you can't find out what you're looking for here, feel free to contact one of our security specialists or give us a call at 513-565-SAFE.

Home Security

What is Guardian Alarm?

For a low monthly fee, plus a one-time equipment fee, the Guardian Alarm system monitors for break-ins, fire, water leaks and carbon monoxide. In the event an alarm is triggered, you are contacted along with the proper local authorities. Guardian Alarm provides peace of mind that your family and property are safe. Click here

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What if I currently have a security system and want to switch to Guardian Alarm?

Switching to Guardian Alarm is easy. Your system must be working and compatible with Guardian Alarm Conversions. Non-monitored systems can qualify for a free conversion but REQUIRE a no obligation premise consultation!! If you don't already have fire, water, or carbon monoxide sensors, Guardian Alarm can install each service for an additional charge.

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What if the Guardian Alarm package doesn't meet my needs?

Guardian Alarm meets the majority of home and business needs. However, you may add elements to the package you select as needed, or you can swap items that are the same prices.

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Is this system hard to use?

No. The Guardian Alarm system is easy to use. Some of the options such as fire, water detection, and carbon monoxide detection are always being monitored without any intervention from you. The break-in security part of the system can easily be turned on and off from a keypad and from a remote keychain device (just like your car alarm).

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Will police show up at my door if I accidentally set off the alarm?

Once the alarm is set off, our monitoring agents will call your home or business. If the person who answers can verify with the password that the alarm should not have gone off, the police will not be called. If no one answers or the person who answers cannot supply your password, the police will be dispatched immediately

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Is there a contract involved with Guardian Alarm services?

Unlike other providers, there are no contract options with Guardian Alarm.

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What makes Guardian Alarm better than other security systems?

Guardian Alarm is much more than a security system. It gives you around the clock peace of mind from fire and break-ins all with one easy-to-use system. Unlike other providers, there are no contract options with Guardian Alarm.

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I have pets. Won't they set off the motion sensors?

The Guardian Alarm technicians have a variety of motion detectors for different environments and conditions and can usually provide a motion detection solution that will be able to ignore your pet while still able to detect human movement.

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What if something goes wrong with the system and I don't know it?

Your keypad shows you that your system is working. Plus, once you have the Guardian Alarm property monitoring system installed, Guardian Alarm tests your system randomly. This way, you'll always be assured that the system is working to protect you and your family.

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Will Guardian Alarm reduce my home or business property insurance?

When you have Guardian Alarm installed, most insurance companies will reduce your insurance costs by 7-15%.

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How do I order?

Just call (513)565-SAFE or fill out the order form online and a representative will contact you.