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Fuse Dial-Up Internet Product Support


In your search for a reliable, dependable Internet Service Provider (ISP), consider all the features Fuse has to offer. When it comes to outstanding customer service, technological know-how and reliability, turn to Cincinnati Bell and Fuse to get connected.

General FAQs

Looking for Fuse Access Numbers and general settings? You will find these answers and more.

Terms & Conditions

By becoming a Fuse subscriber, you agree to the terms and conditions of service.

Email FAQs

Having problems sending emails? Need to know how to manage your email accounts? You will find these answers here plus more.

Newsgroups FAQs

Interested in discussing Fuse or other computer related subjects. Check out the Fuse newsgroups here.

Email Configuration Wizard

Having trouble setting up the Outlook Express, Outlook, or Mac OS X Mail? Let the Email Configuration Wizard do it for you!

Free Home Page FAQs

Need help with publishing your Fuse home page?