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Cincinnati Bell ZoomTown Internet Product Support

Welcome to ZoomTown 101, your first stop for making the most of your ZoomTown experience. ZoomTown 101 is a quick and easy introduction to using your ZoomTown service. Click any of the topics below to learn how you can start doing more with ZoomTown.

ZoomTown: 101

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Connecting to ZoomTown and to the Internet

Connecting to the Internet with ZoomTown has never been easier. Each time you boot your computer, your ADSL modem sends information to the ZoomTown network. In order for you to surf the Internet, you must launch your browser, but you don't have to log on! Simply launch (open) your browser and you are connected to the Net and ready to surf.

If you launch your browser and find you cannot surf, simply power off your ADSL modem and reboot your computer. Your connection will reestablish and you are ready to surf.

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Having trouble connecting? Click here to troubleshoot your connectivity

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Disconnecting from the Internet

Disconnecting from the Internet and the ZoomTown service is simple. With ZoomTown, you do not need to log in, and consequently, you do not need to "log out". Simply close your browser when you are finished surfing. If you want to completely terminate your Internet connection, power off your computer. When you boot your computer the next time you want to surf, your ZoomTown connection will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you launch your browser.

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Email Basics

The first step in using email is to create an email account. Creating a new ZoomTown email account is simple. Click here Log in using your primary userid and password, and follow the onscreen directions to create your new email account

NOTE: If you are a NEW ZoomTown customer with Fuse as your ISP, your Primary account will be created when you order the service; please use that account. If you were a Fuse dial-up customer who has upgraded to ZoomTown, please use your existing Fuse Primary account.

Once you have created your new ZoomTown email account, you need to decide how you want to retrieve your email.

There are two options available for viewing your email

  • Using ZoomTown WebMail - Simply type in your Address or URL field of your browser and log on!
  • Using a client email program such as Outlook Express to "pop" your ZoomTown email

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ZoomTown WebMail

Your ZoomTown subscription includes the ZoomTown WebMail service and is the recommended Email platform for ZoomTown subscribers. ZoomTown WebMail is web-based, which means you can access your ZoomTown WebMail accounts from any computer that has a connection to the Internet. ZoomTown WebMail isn't stored on your computer, the email messages are stored on our servers. Click here to view the list of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about ZoomTown WebMail.

Getting your email is simple and you can access your email account directly from the ZoomTown home page. Simply log in to your account using the form on the left side of the ZoomTown home page.

With ZoomTown WebMail, you can access your email account from any computer with an Internet connection by visiting the ZoomTown WebMail page at http:// .

Using an Email client such as Outlook Express to "pop" your email

You can also use an email client or program to "pop" your email to your computer. This means that when you open your email program, your email is downloaded from our server to your computer. Many customers prefer to use ZoomTown WebMail because they can access their email from any computer with an Internet connection such as at work, at a friend's house, a cyber cafe etc. When you pop your email, you lose that option unless you set up the email program on each computer you plan to use. With this set up, if you view your mail at home, then you try to view it at work, you will only see the new mail at your work computer and you will not have access to the email that was "popped" to your home computer.

Setting up an email client or program varies in complexity depending on the program you wish to use. ZoomTown Technical Support is unable to provide complete support (answer every question you have) about all the various email clients that exist. They will make an effort to help you with your issues, but you may be directed to contact the program provider for specific questions.

We've compiled a list of some of the more common email clients and have basic instructions to help you set of the program. Click here to view this information. With any email client, you will need to know the ZoomTown email server settings.

NOTE: If you do not find the email client you would like to use on this list, or if you have questions about the set up process that we have not answered, please contact the support center for your email client for more specific help. We apologize that ZoomTown Technical Support is not able to answer all of your questions about every email client.

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ZoomTown Features

The ZoomTown web site is one of the most valuable features of your ZoomTown subscription. Use the ZoomTown web site to find answers to your support-related questions, administer your ZoomTown AND Cincinnati Bell Accounts, access ZoomTown-exclusive products and services, check your email, try our links to some of the best web sites on the Net and even search the Net with the search engine of your choice.

Across the top of the ZoomTown web page is the main navigation - Use this like to go to the Cincinnati Bell website to get up to date information about all the products and services available thru Cincinnati Bell.

My Account - Use this link to go to Cincinnati Bell MyAccount. With MyAccount you can view and pay your bill on line, check the status of your service request, manage your Internet account, download ringtones to your Cincinnati Bell Wireless phone and much much more!

Support - Use this link to go to the Support area, where you can get answers to your Frequently Asked Questions and view tutorials about your broadband service.

FAQS - Use this link to get answers to Frequently Asked Questions about additional products available which compliment the ZoomTown experience, such as ZoomTown Plus and ZoomTown Internet Security.

Contact Us - Use this link to find out how to contact us with your questions.

Home, Movies, News, Games, Sports, Wireless, HotSpots, Local - Click on one of these tabs to get access to everything from what's playing at your favorite local theatre to who won the U.S. Open. You can even get access to a map of Cincinnati Bells Wifi HotSpots, which is a free service to all ZoomTown with Fuse subscribers!

Check Email - Use this link to log into Cincinnati Bells email support area, where primary users can add or delete mailboxes, change passwords or forward mail to another email account.

Do More - ZoomTown Exclusives

ZoomTown is a virtual private network. This means that as a subscriber, you have access to the ZoomTown web site and ZoomTown-exclusive products and services.

Search the web and access ZoomTown features with the convenience of our ZoomTown toolbar. It's free and takes just seconds to install. Click here to download the ZoomTown Toolbar.

Click here to go to the ZoomTown home page and start doing more with ZoomTown.

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What is ZoomTown?

ZoomTown is Cincinnati Bell's brand name for ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line). ADSL is a new technology providing high-speed access to the Internet over existing copper phone lines. ZoomTown has speeds up to 5Mbps.

ZoomTown is also a virtual private network. This means that as a subscriber, you have access to the ZoomTown web site and ZoomTown-exclusive products and services like Rhapsody and ZoomTown Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Protection.

Do More with ZoomTown - get on the Net, find what you need FAST, and spend more of your valuable time doing the things you want to do.

Click here to go to the ZoomTown home page and start doing more with ZoomTown.

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What speeds can I get with ZoomTown?

ZoomTown high-speed Internet access is available at download speeds of up to 5Mbps These speeds remain constant regardless of the time of day or the number of users in your neighborhood who are using the Internet. From time to time, your Internet experience may be slowed due to the congestion on the public Internet beyond the ZoomTown network in Cincinnati.

Click here to go to the ZoomTown home page and start doing more with ZoomTown.

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Convenient Billing Options

Cincinnati Bell helps you simplify your life with convenient online payment options.

Go Paperless with eBill. eBill is our convenient Paperless billing solution that makes paying your Cincinnati Bell (which includes your ZoomTown bill!) bill simple and hassle-free. No more paper bills to receive in the mail. Save time shifting through all your mail and get your Cincinnati Bell bill electronically and forget about your paper bill.

With eBill, you have the ability to view and pay your Cincinnati Bell bill and your wireless phone bill online. Youíll receive a courtesy email when your bill is available instead of a paper bill. And best of all - itís FREE! Click here to learn more and go paperless with eBill.

Be Free with Autopay . We know you have more important things to do with your time than worry about paying your phone (and ZoomTown) bill. Now you can enjoy the freedom of knowing that your bill will be paid on time each month with Autopay from Cincinnati Bell. Autopay is Cincinnati Bell's newest FREE payment option that allows you to enjoy the convenience of having your bill payment automatically deducted from your checking account on the day your bill is due.

Autopay is the perfect partner to eBill. Sign up for Autopay and combine this easy to use service and go totally paperless. Click here to learn more and be free with Autopay .

Click here to go to the ZoomTown home page and start doing more with ZoomTown.

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Where are the Cincinnati Bell WiFi locations?

Cincinnati Bell's WiFi Service provides Internet connectivity Free to subscribers of ZoomTown who have Cincinnati Bell's Fuse as their ISP. Cincinnati Bell's WiFi Service allows you to access the Net in many areas in and around Cincinnati - we call them Hot Spots. Using the Cincinnati Bell WiFi Service at any Hot Spot location you can respond to your email, chat, work and surf.

Where are the HotSpot locations? - Click here to see a map of our WiFi Locations.

How do I set up my computer for wifi? - Click here to see WiFi set up instructions.

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Wireless Networking

Cincinnati Bell offers a wireless networking solution for your home. And Best of all Cincinnati Bell Wireless Networking is FREE each and every month. Unlike other providers who charge a fee each month for this service. Cincinnati Bell brings you Wireless Networking
FREE as part of your ZoomTown subscription and helps you eliminate the wire clutter.

Click here to find out how to set up wireless networking

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Additional ZoomTown Services

ZoomTown Plus - ZoomTown Plus is a premium content package that includes: MLB, Shockwave Unlimited, MusicNow, American Greetings, SnapFish Photo, Encyclopedia Britannica and The Weather Channel. It's the best of the Web at substantial savings!

Click here to find out more about ZoomTown Plus

ZoomTown Internet Security - ZoomTown Internet Security is a suite of products designed to protect your computer and your family from unscrupulous people on the internet. ZoomTown Internet Security offers virus protection, pop-up and spyware protection, Firewall and Parental Controls to filter harmful material from your family.

Click here to find out more about ZoomTown Internet Security

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Zoomtown Email Configuration Wizard

The Email Configuration Wizard can be used to set up your email client for you if you use one of more popular email clients. All you need to know is your email address and password! No complicated confguration, no hassle!

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