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Cincinnati Bell ZoomTown Plus Product Support

With ZoomTownPlus you get more! More Sports, More News, More Games, More Fun! Get access to the best Premium Content on the web. FREE trial!

ZoomTown: ZoomTown Plus

What is ZoomTown Plus?

A ZoomTown Plus Subscription is a valuable service offering that aggregates many of the top Premium content and entertainment sites into a single login. Once you sign up for a ZoomTown Plus Subscription, all you need to do is navigate to the Cincinnati Bell portal page (, then log in and enjoy premium content from great content names such as: American Greetings, Encyclopedia Britannica, Music Now Radio, Shockwave.comô UNLIMITED, Snapfish, The Weather Channel and Major League Baseball! All at an incredible savings when compared to an individual subscription to each content site!

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Does ZoomTown Plus require a broadband connection?

While many of the Cincinnati Bell Premium Subscription services offer low bandwidth content, a high bandwidth connection is desirable for viewing the best video quality and for downloading the newest games.

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Where does my personal information go?

Cincinnati Bell works hard with technology and information policies to protect your personal information. For more information on how Cincinnati Bell protects your information, please Click Here to view Cincinnati Bell's Privacy Statement.

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How often am I billed for my ZoomTown Plus Subscription?

ZoomTown Plus Subscription is free for the first 30 days. After 30 days you will be billed on a monthly basis. To cancel your subscription, please call 513-565-2210.

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Who do I contact if I can't access my ZoomTown Plus Subscription, or my login fails?

If you can't access your ZoomTown Plus Subscription, please call technical support at 513-397-HELP (4357).

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What's happening if I constantly have to log in to see my ZoomTown Plus Subscription pages?

You may have "Cookies" turned off for your Web browser. Cookies allow the Cincinnati Bell system to recognize you and "find" your login and credentials as you navigate throughout the many content partners in your ZoomTown Plus Subscription. To switch Cookies on (Microsoft Explorer Browser 6), click on Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab. Select a Privacy setting of 'Medium' or lower, which will enable Cookies and provide for a seamless ZoomTown Plus Subscription viewing experience.

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How do I change my ZoomTown Plus Subscription password?

You can change your ZoomTown Plus Subscription password by going here and following the steps

  • Click here to go to the Internet Service Account Manager application.
  • Log on using your Email Account and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Can I bookmark the premium content sites individually?

You can bookmark the premium content pages, but unless you have already logged into your ZoomTown Plus Subscription in the current browser, your bookmarks will re-direct you to the ZoomTown Plus Subscription login page so that you can open a new viewing session.

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I closed my browser, opened a new one, and tried to re-access my premium content. Why do I need to log in again?

Your login information and credentials are "cleared" from your computer when you close the Cincinnati Bell browser window. You must log in to open a new ZoomTown Plus Subscription session after you close the current session.

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How private is my personal information that I gave when I opened my ZoomTown Plus Subscription account?

Your personal information is protected by Cincinnati Bell. Click Here to view Cincinnati Bell's Privacy Statement.

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Can anyone else access my ZoomTown Plus Subscription?

Unless you share your login information, which we strongly suggest you keep secret, no one except you and a customer service representative can access your ZoomTown Plus Subscription content.

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Can I change my billing information?

If you have billing changes, or wish to cancel your subscription, please call 513-565-2210.

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I sometimes see pop-up advertisements while viewing my premium content. Can I stop the ads?

Pop-up ads that are part of the premium service or content providers' offerings cannot be turned off by Cincinnati Bell. These ads are a service of the content providers to tune you into special offers.[OPTIONAL: There are many commercially available pop-up ad stopping programs, but these can cause system instability and could cause your browser (and a current session) to spontaneously close.]

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I can't view my premium content when the video window appears. What is wrong and how do I fix it?

If you can't view the Start Page or a premium content video stream:

  • Certain content providers may require that you enable Javascript and ActiveX Controls to properly view their pages. For Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet Options, Security. Make sure that Java and ActiveX are enabled for your browser, and then save the system changes. Optionally, you can enable Cookies at this time in the Privacy settings. The "Default" security setting will switch on all three features at once. Click to "Apply" the changes.
  • You may have outdated or incompatible versions of video playing programs on your computer. To check for the latest version of RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and QuickTime, visit each respective software provider's download page to see if an upgrade is available. You may have to restart your computer to properly finish installing a new media player. You may also need to download the latest version of Macromedia Flash or Shockwave to play new games.
  • Finally, you may be experiencing Internet congestion that is causing slow download and streaming speeds. If the video player tries to re-buffer the stream more than three times during the video, close the video pop-up window and select a smaller stream. Internet congestion is common at peak usage hours, and unless it persists for more than an hour you do not need to contact Cincinnati Bell.

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Can I leave my email, messaging, and other programs running while viewing my ZoomTown Plus Subscription content?

Depending on the speed and RAM of your computer, you can keep several programs running at the same time, including ZoomTown Plus Subscription content.

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What browsers are compatible with the ZoomTown Portal?

For the best viewing experience, the following browsers are compatible with the ZoomTown Portal:

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 and above
  • Macintosh IE 5.5 and above

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Does the ZoomTown toolbar work with Internet Explorer 7?

Currently there are intermittent problems with the toolbar that are directly related to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 release. We are working with Microsoft to fix this problem and anticipate a solution shortly. Please check for updates. Or, if you would like email updates, please email with "Send Me IE7 Toolbar Updates" in the subject. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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