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Wireless: Picture Messaging

What is Multi-media Messaging (MMS)?

MMS allows users to create messages combining text, sound, & graphics. Both the sender and the receiver must have an MMS capable handset (assuming mobile to mobile). CBW’s MMS service will allow subscribers with a Next Generation phone to send an MMS message to all of their friends.

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What is required in order to utilize Multi-media Messaging (MMS)?

  1. Mobile to Mobile The sender and the receiver must have a Next Generation phone for Mobile-to-Mobile MMS to work properly.
    If the sender has a next generation and the receiver does not, the receiver will receive a SMS message with a unique url. Once the receiver has internet access (i.e. home pc, or work), they will be able to input the url (from the SMS message) into their browser and view the content.
  2. Mobile to Email This option allows users with a CBW Next Generation phone to send an MMS message to an email address.
  3. Email/Internet to Mobile This option allows users to send a picture/graphic (JPG, GIF, BMP etc.) from email or the internet to a CBW Next Generation phone.
    The sender (from their email or the internet) must send the message to the CBW Next Generation customer’s (e.g.

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