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Data Calculator

Select the type of device you are interested in to estimate the amount of data you use to see which plan is right for you.

Traditional Phone
PC Cards

Activity Estimated Average
1 Email with no attachments (1 text page)20 KB
1 Email with attachments300 KB
1 Message with photo attachments350KB
1 Average Web page Visited180 KB
1 Application/Game Download5 MB
1 Social Media Download/Upload (including photos)350KB
1 Minute of Video Stream (standard quality)2 MB
1 Hour of Music/Audio Streaming500KB

Wi-Fi usage does not count against the data included in your plan.

How much data do you need?

300 MB

For Traditional Phones
Traditional phones, such as texting phones, flip phones, and camera phones use far less data than smartphones. Our 300MB plan is great for sending email, downloading ringtones and more. Now choose from a single user or a shared plan!

2 GB

For Smartphones
For most smartphone users, 2GB of data is enough for one month. This would cover: 2,000 text-only emails, 600 emails with attachments, 600 emails with photo attachments, 3,200 web page views, 20 hours of streaming audio, 60 minutes of standard-quality video, 30 apps, and uploading/downloading 700 social media posts.

5 GB

For Smartphones
This plan is good for users that plan to stream video or audio, including using Pandora, Netflix, or Hulu. A 5 GB plan is best for you. This would cover: 3,500 text-only emails, 2,000 emails with attachments, 2,000 emails with photo attachments, 6,000 web page views, 40 hours of streaming audio, 480 minutes of standard-quality video, 45 apps, and uploading/downloading 1,200social media posts.

up to 200MB

Traveling internationally?
The following plans are available for international usage: 20 MB, 50 MB, 100 MB, 200 MB. Use the calculator to determine your daily international usage.

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